Thinking about this, Xu Hengxuan snorted disdain. "I think you are a willing eagle dog who will not give up the throne of the patriarch!"

At the moment, the outside world doesn’t know the lover. It seems that these two people are just like a pair of opposites.
I glanced at the corner of the square instrument, and there were signs of awakening not far away. I don’t know but I can see from a distance that the color outside the mountain gate is not good. The red sky burns and locks the eyebrows and urges, "Jade can be broken, white bamboo can be burned, and it can’t be destroyed."
But Xu Hengxuan is determined not to let "speak better than sing". If you want to convince me that you are ok, do you dare to lead the old thief into the battle and stab me with innocence after being exchanged for hostages? If I dare, I will believe that you still know Fang Yi! "
Fang Yi once again looked at Luo’s eyes and seemed very anxious, so he nodded slightly and thoughtfully "as it should be."
Fang Yi actually agreed for a while. Xu Hengxuan seemed a little unbelievable. Suddenly, the meaningful words before my emperor’s ancestors sounded in my mind,’ Some things may not be as simple as you think, brother … Do you really know him?’
While Xu Hengxuan meditation.
At the moment Fang Yi has glanced at the dragon’s teeth in the distance, making Ruqian son secretly make a sign, and then the portable red seal goes to the gate.
At the same time, Ruqianer has secretly whispered Wei Dingyan, the law enforcement elder, and all the elders.
Wei Dingyan’s mind was tight, but he heard the bell of the second peak.
Seeing this, he drank solemnly and solemnly. "What time has come for you?" Why don’t you go to Zhengdaofeng to attend classes and attend classes? "
At that time, the younger brother was startled to talk about the secret passage, the bodhi old zu closed the medicine garden, the elders were all here, and where did Zheng Daofeng attend the class today?
But before they think about it, the dragon’s teeth make a secret message that the elders have been yelling at the door to go to the second peak, and everyone sees that the elders are urging them to go in succession.
The floating island in the sea of clouds and the outer room asked Feng to leave Xu Hengxuan and his party, the five elements of the patriarch Fang Yi, the law enforcement elder Wei Dingyan, and the dragon teeth to make Ruqian a few people.
Nowadays, the Five Elements Sect is different from the Five Peaks. Although it seems to be close at hand, once the big array is opened, the Five Peaks will be isolated. Non-believers are not allowed to reach the except room without authorization, and ask about other places outside the peak, otherwise it will lead to a big array of attacks and killings.
At this time, the five elements of Zongdi asked the peak picture from the outer room in succession, which naturally fell into the eyes of Chi Tianhuang.
How can he not see that this is the Five Elements Sect to guard against his sudden attack as once?
However, he didn’t care about these small moves. After all, it’s not just the five elements of land that come to ask for themselves, but also …’ Eliminating demons and defending the Tao’
If you can kill Naluo, I don’t know how to destroy the mask again, and then you will look back and worry.
Chapter 935 Indiscriminate theft clan sword stab red sky burn
The sea of clouds is vast, and the five peaks rise to the sky-the Five Elements Sect
The Taoist bell reverberated on the top of the mountain, and the cloud sea surprised Fang Yi, who had brought the red seal to the gate of the outside room of Wenfeng.
He handed Wei Dingyan’s weak and wounded red seal to one side. At the same time, he told the dark gods to know the sound, and then he respectfully saluted the red sky phoenix two or three feet away through the large array enchantment. "The cabinet master made me humble and proud. Before Xu’s false seal, brother Younger gave birth to a little misunderstanding. I hope that the cabinet master will be generous and generous, and that Fang Yishen will make amends to my brothers and sisters."
Fang Yishen, a patriarch, is so humble.
The red sky phoenix is a tall figure. He touches his side with tears on his face, and his little head is squinting behind his back with one hand, which is almost contemptuous.
My little girl has been scared to cry since she was young, and the tears are constantly reaching out and calling for her father, hoping to return to his arms.
It can be said that she struggled to break away from the big hand that pressed her head.
The red sky phoenix grovelled and satisfied with the square instrument, and then the corners of his mouth turned up and he snorted. "Since it is a misunderstanding, the patriarch doesn’t have to be like this. After all, you are the first god in the world. So humble, isn’t it called heaven and man saying that the cabinet owner is leaning on the old and selling the old?"
Fang Yi smile apologetically polite "cabinet master never say that! It should be noted that in a certain heart, you are a respected veteran, and even more, I, Optimus Prime, have no predecessors, how can there be peace in the mountains and seas today? "
Red Sky Phoenix smiled proudly and shook Yunshan. He said, "It’s worthwhile to explore flowers with silver hands. Since your brothers and sisters misunderstood you, please let the patriarch go first."
Smelling Fang Yixiao is still "natural, natural"
Immediately, he pointed out that he was offering a fire spell, which was like a red seal to imprison Wei Dingyan. "It is a sign of sincerity to seal a few spells … The ceremony should be sealed first, and the lifting of the ban is the only way to heal. Besides, I wonder if the cabinet owner can pity one or two and let my daughter return first?"
Red sky burns sarcastically and laughs. "Patriarch’d like to know this for weeks, but it’s too much trouble. It’s just a little spell-banning. The cabinet owner waved and went or please."
With that, his big hand has rubbed Xiao Xi ‘er’s head and forefinger, and he has even lit the sky!
Seeing this instrument’s eyes jump sharply, he smiled strongly. "Ah … the owner of the cabinet believes that the predecessors of all ages in the world are so obedient."
He raised his arm and waved it lightly.
Wei Dingyan saw that although he hesitated, he still sent the red seal out of the enchantment
And outside the guardian mountain array, there is a god court guard waiting to meet.
Stay red seal two imperial court guards to help the line to the red sky to burn. It seems that there is also a letter that actually gives the poor little child to one side and the imperial court guards signal to return it.
So it’s called Fang Yi and others surprised and dark relieved. Did the old thief change his sex? I can’t believe it!
As for Fang Yi, I am eager to see my daughter, Xi ‘er, who is only ten feet away from the mountain barrier.
Suddenly outside the mountain gate, the red sky burns and thunders!