"I also have some if she dies …" Gu Hui’s eyes whispered with disappointment.

Show cloud again cut off her words "miss even if she died you have? Did you let her give birth to those bad thoughts? "
"I …" Gu Hui corners of the mouth moved don’t know what to say.
"You didn’t. You didn’t let her do anything. She died by herself." Xiuyun took a deep breath and said, "Besides, she died of a bad disease. That’s why she didn’t do it." Gu Hui’s eyes fell silent, which made Xiuyun feel a little anxious at the moment and could not help but emphasize, "Miss, if you are so soft-hearted again, you will never meet Princess Bright again."
Gu Hui sip sip lips a great silence, "I know".
"If we know that you are a young lady, don’t be weak and credulous." Xiuyun said softly.
"Well" Gu Hui nodded.
After a brief silence in the room, Xiuyun bit her lip and looked at the main face. Seeing Gu Huizhen’s head drooping, there was nothing special. She whispered, "In another half month, I will show the side princess Lin to the temple in the moon palace, and then I’d better take advantage of this period to round up the room with the temple or else …"
"Is this what I want to do?" Gu Hui smell speech corners of the mouth overflow with a bitter smile, "I can’t throw myself at the temple, even if I have thick skin."
Xiuyun looked at her with pity, but some words had to be said, "If you can’t do it, you have to try to be a handmaiden." This is not to let the young lady have that kind of shady means … but to say … "After a long pause, she continued," If the temple comes to our courtyard again, the young lady can take the initiative to be more enthusiastic about the temple and let the temple know that the young lady loves it. It should be extremely painful for a man! "
I haven’t heard Gu Hui out for a long time, and she added, "If Miss Lin can’t wait for the side princess to take the door first, it’s not a good thing for Miss Lin."
"Let it be natural!" Gu Hui finally responded.
Show cloud to hear her say that some urgent way "miss you can’t do this" Gu Hui picked up the pillow and flipped through it lightly. "Don’t say that I don’t want to be looked down upon by the temple, and I don’t want to be in front of it."
"Don’t young ladies like temples?" Show cloud twist eyebrow to ask
Gu Hui staring at the page eyes dazed however "nature is like …"
"That young lady?" Soo-yun doesn’t understand why she doesn’t fight for happiness in the temple since she likes it.
"My feelings for the temple are purely because I don’t want to be mixed with other things. Are you white?" Gu Hui light murmured with a sigh
Show cloud listen to understand small whisper "if the temple has been like this to miss don’t recognize? What’s the difference between a generation of old people dying in the backyard and doing it like this? "
"If you are tired, go and rest. I’ll watch it later." Gu Hui didn’t pick her up, but simply said that she turned over a page and looked at it carefully. Her expression was very calm, as if she had forgotten the conversation before Xiuyun.
"Miss tonight, this is a handmaiden talkative. Miss can do whatever she wants. It’s always possible to have a handmaiden around to wait on Miss Wan, and she won’t be bullied." Miss Cong, etc., if she really does as she says, maybe it will arouse the resentment of the temple, so she will never have a chance to get close to it again! Xiu Yun is thinking about thinking about it, and her look is getting more and more ashamed. She shouldn’t be impatient, and she shouldn’t give advice to the young lady indiscriminately. Although it’s a good idea, it’s a bit inappropriate to do that.
Gu Hui glanced at her and fell back to her words softly. "Don’t blame yourself. I know that you are all good to me. If you didn’t think about me, I might have lost it!"
Huangfuye Rui sat in the room from the west of the sun for more than an hour. He made a decision in the daytime-consummation.
Yes, it’s a consummation. Gu Hui consummates his side princess.
It’s really hard for him to take this step.
The reason is clear to him
So after dinner, he sent Xue Xiao back to his own room to meditate.
After the night fell, the other party got up and walked out of the room to Chapter 319.
What else do you expect? What can he expect? After a while, there will be more than one woman in this house, and this woman is also the father who means that he can’t refuse.
The heart is painful. At that moment, his heart is suspected to be painful. It is possible that he and she and that pretty little girl are doomed to miss this life.
Full of things, he still walked all the way. Gu Hui lived in this courtyard. Seeing that the grandmother was about to leave the lock, he coughed and stepped into the courtyard.
There were not many people walking in the courtyard, and he didn’t ask them to salute or let them go to Tong Tong.
There is a low conversation outside the main door. It is not that he wants to listen, but that the martial arts person listens
Like it? What’s the taste of hearing the woman he kept in the backyard say that she likes him, that she won’t do that, that her feelings for him are pure, and that he can’t say it in his heart?
As far as identity is concerned, there are not many women who like him, but he likes one woman.