"This is really a ghost" Gu Qingshan walking forehead way

This timing is too bad
But let Ye Fei retreat from this time, he will not retreat, and he will do his best to get revenge.
I don’t want to stop him myself.
Ye Fei from a person want to deal with two of the most powerful professionals and several mobile armor, star warships …
I’m afraid something will happen to him.
Many koo people will also be implicated.
This will be an unprecedented war.
What should we do?
Except to stop Ye Fei, the only way left is to go there and help himself.
But he is a federal scientist in person.
Unlike Ye Fei, if you really show up on such an occasion, the warrior will recognize yourself first.
Once exposed, there will be a lot of trouble behind.
"Ye Feili will arrive at the live broadcast of the parliamentary campaign in three minutes," the goddess of justice woke up.
"Do we still have genetic easy drugs?"
"Don’t do it if you come to the holy country after the second visit."
Gu Qingshan sighed and said, "Ye Fei and I are not much different from each other."
"You are two centimeters taller than him."
"That makes no difference," murmured Gu Qingshan thoughtfully.
"The pavilion still has 2 minutes."
"Killing clown armor should be nearby."
"It was just after the launch of low-earth orbit satellites."
"send it"
Black armor, black wings
Gu Qingshan is not active in killing clown armor.
"The pavilion is very handsome."
The goddess of justice speaks with a smile
"Don’t laugh at me," said Gu Qingshan Nai. "That’s what I encouraged. It would be bad if something happened."
He wears a clown helmet.
Gu Qingshan sounds behind the cold and weird smiling face.
"I dug my own hole and I’m going to fill it up."
"You missed the word" tearful ""
Gu Qingshan Tantan hand way "go!"
The black light flashed and gave off a strong sonic boom.
Mobile armor drag out two long black wings in the sky.