"What are you doing?" Liu Ying watches entertainment news when he frowns in class.

Xia Zhu is also curious and Liu Ying walked past. The designers were so scared that their bodies blocked their brains. All pale eyes looked at Xia Zhu.
Although the brain is blocked, it is not playing. In the video, Lin Shiyun is crying with grievances. "I admit that I shouldn’t have known that he was married and promised to be his lover. It was stupid of me to find love myself."
Is this a public apology for Lin Shiyun’s involvement in other people’s marriage and being photographed by paparazzi?
Xia Zhu felt strange, but when she saw that several designers were in a hurry to lose their voices and brains, she suddenly realized that it had something to do with herself.
"What are you doing? To one side "Liu Ying think they are ridiculous stare eyes shouted a.
Speaking of it, many people in the company are afraid of this personnel director, not because of how profitable she is, but because she is too fierce and rude.
Xia Zhu went to the front of his brain and reopened the paused video. Lin was in a bad mood and cried and said, "I can accept all grievances, but I am pregnant now. How can he do this to me?" Blare … "
"Oh, my God!"
"She was pregnant?"
Xia Zhu suddenly had a bad feeling when she heard some incredible exclamations from designers and saw them again sympathetically.
"You are not allowed to watch these entertainment news in class, are you?" Now Liu Ying also realized that something was wrong.
Xia Zhu stared at the brain screen intensely, and the brain began to breathe in vain.
"I went to see him, but he denied it. We still wanted to kick me away. It was cruel to knock me down. Although the child was not hurt, my mental and physical wounds will never heal. Today, I’m going to say his name here so that everyone can see his true colors clearly …" Lin Shiyun was heartbroken.
"Will the brain" Liu Ying held out his hand in the past only to be caught by Xia Zhu’s wrist
Xia Zhu’s eyes are red and tears are swirling, but she is stubborn and refuses to blink. She must hear the name, and she must make sure that that person is not the one in her heart.
"He is Sheng Ruituan …" Lin Shiyun finally announced the final verdict.
"Lin Shiyun!"
Then suddenly someone called her and it was a man. Xia Zhuxin hung up as soon as she heard it. Is it Bai Yinting?
Not only she but also several curious designers and Liu Ying behind her held their breath. Today’s video is really wonderful.
However, it was not Bai Yinting but Chu Fei who walked on the stage. His eyes were a little cold and he took the microphone and said, "Is it interesting for you to slander me here?"
"I …" Lin Shiyun didn’t expect this kind of emergency to happen. She would say Bai Yinting and ChuFei didn’t.
"I know you have a grudge against me. Shall we settle it privately?" Chu Fei hugged Lin Shiyun’s shoulder and looked at the reporter from Taiwan. "I’m sorry, even if it is officially announced today that I am Lin Shiyun’s boyfriend, I will be responsible for the wedding date, and we will share it with you. Today’s press conference is here."
"Chu Fei, what are you talking about?" Lin Shiyun’s face was red with anger.
"Well, don’t be angry. It’s not good for anyone if things get too big. Besides, you have to consider a child." ChuFei sneered.
"My baby is …" Lin Shiyun was in a hurry, but before she finished, ChuFei simply kissed her lips.
Taiwan was in an uproar, and all the cameras tried their best to capture this moment. Lin Shiyun seemed to have been kidnapped by Chu Fei after kissing, and held the stage as well.
"Let me go" Lin Shiyun struggled.
"Don’t move or you should know that if I accidentally drop you again?" Chufei cold face
Lin Shiyun was annoyed but didn’t dare to move. She was really pregnant. It was a temporary method to determine who the child really was. Recently, her private life was a little confusing.
But this hat she came to want to buckle Bai Yin’s head. I didn’t expect a ChuFei halfway to ruin her plan.
Many reporters chased them and asked a lot of questions. Naturally, Chufei didn’t want to say another word, and Lin Shiyun also knew that her fate was pinched by Chu Fei’s hand and she didn’t dare to talk nonsense.
Chufei brought people to intercept the reporters, and then Chufei took Lin Shiyun to the car and stuffed her into the car, which was a bit rude.
"Hey, can you slow down?" Lin Shiyun hurt her feet and screamed angrily.
Chufei dumped the car door and ignored her, but took a bottle of mineral water and tried to gargle and spit it out. The forced kiss made him sick.
Lin Shiyun’s eyes are about to burst into flames. She hasn’t abandoned him yet. This man really took advantage and told me!
ChuFei back to the car ready to drive Lin Shiyun didn’t good the spirit asked him "is Bai Yin court let you come? Let’s talk about it. Everything is easy to say if the money is in place. "
"You threatened that I didn’t have our boss to see you. You can talk to him personally." Chufei gave a sneer while driving and dared to talk about the terms. I’m afraid I don’t know how I died for a while.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Let’s larger foe
Some things can’t be seen from the surface whether they are true or not, and no one can guess what secrets are hidden behind them.
Although Chu Fei came out in the video and took on everything, Xia Zhu felt that it was not that simple.
She thought about the lipstick in Bai Yinting’s car and the lip print on his shirt. How could it be such a coincidence?
Although everyone around her said all kinds of comforting words, they were also scared before. Because Lin Shiyun began to speak, she always tended to Bai Yinting. I didn’t expect that in the end, it turned out that Bai Yinting was trying to gain eyeballs and traffic to pave the way for her.
"Director Liu, I’m tired today." Xia Zhu is a little breathless.
"That’s it for today. Go home and come back when you feel better." Liu Yingke understands Xia Zhu’s mood at the moment.
"Thank you" Xia Zhu said goodbye to everyone and slowly walked out of the design department.