"oh? Your father is Chen Tiangao? " Li Yueyang thought a little in his mind. Although his father is a vice mayor, he is not free to run amok.

However, his face soon ended in pride. "I’ll sell your father’s face if it’s good."
Yu Chen smell speech sweating face finally restored a smile, thinking to keep the Chen Jiali to go, Liu Yu love how to die as bad as possible!
At this moment, Li Yueyang threw out two words to let Yu Chen just put a hanging stone in his heart and jumped up. He almost didn’t let him scold out with anger. Uncle Li Yueyang, what’s wrong with you?
"Yang less …" Yu Chen eyes slightly lifted up suddenly a bad feeling in my heart.
Li Yueyang said, "Yu Chen, I didn’t intend to get into trouble with Belle, but I couldn’t help it if she came out."
He knows that Liu Jiali won’t let himself do this to Liu Yu. This beauty is his bed tonight.
Chen Yu’s ci is poor, but he quits after knowing difficulties.
But the resentment against Liu Yu has successfully risen to a new height!
"All right, fool, don’t worry."
Looking at these clowns, I was tired of picking Liang Liuyu. Then I stretched out my hand and pulled Chen Jiali back to protect myself. From now on, no matter how difficult she faced, she could be protected by him.
Chen Jiali’s tears flashed, but by Liu Yu’s words, her heart was much more magical and relieved. Finally, the tears on her face were gently wiped away by the boy.
"Who are you? Stay away from my daughter! "
Not far away, Chen Hao yelled, and he had been watching for a long time. I wish Yang Shao would hug his daughter to bed earlier so that he could continue to make Li’s strength climb one step further.
He doesn’t have much affection for his daughter. Just over the years, there have been many mistresses outside, and several of them have been born out of wedlock. After all, Chen Jiali is nothing to him. After all, it is a chess game.
Liu Yu is simply glanced at Chen Hao eyes moved without any fluctuation.
"What if I say no?"
Liu Yu went out without turning his face and said
If this Lao Wang wants his daughter, why can’t she come out of the crowd?
Aren’t you afraid of offending Li Yueyang?
So Chen Jiali is also incredible to see that his father has been refusing to come in … Is he really more important than his career? The more she thinks about it, the more she understands a lot. This man is her biological father, but how many times does he come home all year round?
Now that she understands everything, she finally accepts her own value and her eyes become dimmer.
"Arrogant eyes are respected!" Chen Hao trembled with anger.
On the contrary, Li Yueyang was like a proud spring breeze, and then the corners of his mouth moved slightly to order the security guard to "fight!"
I’ll beat Liu Yu up before I go on.
However, in the face of a bunch of tall security people, Liu Yu stepped out in a cool step instead of retreating.
"Hum ~ ~ ~"
As soon as Jin Dao fighters came out of power and prestige, they set off a burst of air billow. This is the imposing manner from the heart. Bu Jingyun’s artistic conception has become more and more self-restrained since he stepped into budo. If he wants to move, he will be like a ray of thunder
"What is the situation of lying in the trough!"
A strong breeze broke out in Liu Yu Center, and the whole person became like a god. At that time, many people were scared to stare out their eyes, and then the strong breeze became stronger and stronger, which made them open their eyes.
"Is this your confidence?" Zhong Yingying’s heart swelled with waves, believing that this man was Liu Yu.
He never forced it, but he didn’t pretend to be unaware of it. At that time, Liu Yu’s classroom teacher Ruoqiu was tit-for-tat and finally won the scene in an amazing way
And since then, this teenager has not slept in class.
And the whole person no longer has a rare smile when facing Chen Jiali … So these reminds her of a terrible reality-Liu Yu has been reunited with the genius two years ago.
Did she … miss it?
Chapter 27 can you be like?
But for her, I guess more people look at the surface and now they are swearing.
Shi Yan has such a superior person?
"Bang bang!"
Followed by a few depressing sounds, the security guards all turned their faces and showed a painful color when they were waiting for everyone during the meeting.
The field suddenly became quiet.
No one can see clearly how these people were killed by K.
However, Li Yueyang’s pride has turned to ashes, and his eyes are horrified and he looks at Liu Yu in front of him.
Liu Yu’s strength is not so great now, but it’s easy to break through the speed of energy against these people. For him, these people are blindfolded and adults and teenagers can be put down.
"You what do you want? My dad is the deputy mayor, you can’t hurt me! "
Li Yueyang unintelligent Liu Yu is a monster.
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for installing a jaw-dropping force reward 3 force points."
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host for installing a domineering force reward of 2 force values."
"Ding-dong, congratulations to the host system for its increasing appreciation for you. It is really amazing that you have learned the skill of dressing up as a pig and eating a tiger. I have given you an IQ plus an integral table to encourage you. Please continue to work hard."
Make a steady profit of 500. Act strong!
Liu Yu secretly gloated in his heart. He didn’t want to shoot in front of him, but wanted to climb this prelude to a higher point and then kick it badly, so it was the highest to get the loading force value.
It is said that hong merchants have doorways … He pretends to be technical, after all, he knows it well. Pretend to be dangerous!
"Yang is less, right?"
Liu Yu’s eyes fell on Li Yueyang, who saw that the juvenile school was usually imposing and powerful, but such a great figure was stunned by himself and he was also Japanese.
"You think so!" Li Yueyang didn’t dare to look Liu Yu in the eye. I was afraid that he would be scared out of shit.
"I don’t want to see me roll away after what?"
"I don’t want you to be crazy about my girlfriend again. Won’t I be polite to talk to you?"
Liu Yu warned twice in a row whether it was his business or not, and it would not be so simple if he provoked his head again.
"I am white" Yang Shao severely lowered his head, but he was not allowed to lose. After today, he asked his father to please move the master to trample on Liu Yu.
He will definitely get it back today! Get it back ten times and a hundred times!
Then Li Yueyang was ashamed to stay, and he left with people depressed.