At the same time, the immortals who are coming to the bottom of the valley have been stunned for a long time, and they have just seen the disappearance of the broken sacred light. How can a new broken sacred light appear? Flying in Zhong Zuo Ning Qing would never have thought that the second wave of breaking the boundary was due to his apprentice!

Xiao asked that the root of this meeting was that Xun Yu had already disappeared when he couldn’t look in the light.
At this moment, he suddenly felt that the light around him became busy and looked out intently. Then he saw that there was a bit of black Se in the fuzzy azure Se, which seemed quite incongruous. Those black Se actually accelerated with him more and more, and soon it was half and half with azure Se, and then you attacked and kept alternating back and forth.
A transient those black se milli symptoms suddenly increased completely will azure absolutely driven out!
At that moment, Xiao Wenjue seemed to be different and had a feeling of falling into the abyss.
The feeling of the body made him feel particularly strange, but he quickly came over for nothing. He didn’t really fall. He was still rising rapidly, but the speed was much slower than before.
What’s going on?
Looking out of the light beam, you can see that the colorful Se light wave has disappeared, which means that his speed has really slowed down, but there are stars and moons outside the light beam, and you can even see the mountains and cities on the ground in the outline of night!
It’s already too late! ! !
Xiao Wen is going crazy, but by this time he has accelerated again, and this time he accelerated not straight but obliquely towards the middle!
He is getting faster and faster, and soon he will guess that he will reach the level where the colored Se light waves appear.
But this time the light wave did not appear!
Speed up again! !
Speed up again! ! !
I don’t know how many times the speed has increased. After Xiao Wen finally heard the sound of "Hey", there was a colorful Se light wave around him again!
The first light wave appeared almost in the blink of an eye and was left behind by him. I don’t know hundreds or thousands of miles away, but it has disappeared from his field of vision before it has expanded!
At this moment, Xiao asked, I can’t help but wonder how fast he is now.
What else suddenly went from day to night?
I feel strange but I can’t say what’s wrong. What’s going on?
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Chapter one hundred and sixty-five The Buddha (please recommend! Ask for more! )
Xiao Wengen didn’t come to think about a problem. The stars and the moon were blurred in his eyes, and they were submerged in the darkness on the ground. The scenery had long since disappeared, and then he saw the light in the darkness over there …
At this moment, he resigned himself and let the colorful stone light fly with him, saying that he really didn’t have the courage to throw away the stone.
The light penetrated into the darkness and increased, and then the two sides alternated again, as if they were fighting for territory.
However, with the increase of Xiao Wen’s speed, the light seemed to be supported and finally gradually overtook the darkness.
At a certain moment, the light suddenly completely drove away the darkness and filled Xiao Wen’s whole field of vision, which made him blind for a while.
In the process of narrowing his eyes to adapt to the light, he felt falling again, but this time he knew it was because the speed suddenly slowed down. At the same time, he clearly felt that his body changed again!
When he opened his eyes again, he saw that he was already in the vast sea and accelerated again!
"I fry! Have finished … "
After scolding Xiao Wen, he suddenly discovered that something was wrong. Although he was in the colorful Se column, he could still see some problems in the external environment. The blue water was not too blue, just like a gem. Seabirds are incredibly flexible when flying. I don’t know if they can throw a golden finch like Cai Linfeng out of a few streets. The most important thing is that it seems to be an ordinary seabird rather than a fairy beast. If you force your nose to breathe in again, you will not only be angry, but also have the same aura as compensation!
Then Xiao Wen couldn’t see clearly because he had flown to a very high place and was getting farther and farther away from the sea.
However, he finally came to realize that the strange feeling of his body was like a new body. In fact, it was not that he had changed but that his environment had changed!
Take the eye environment as an example, it is definitely better than the places where he has been in the celestial world. This ordinary sea surface has a strong aura, which is comparable to the peak!
Reminiscent of Xun Yu’s crazy "Yee, Yee, Yee, Yee" rising seven orders in a row, in fact, it is enough for him to soar to a higher level. Xiao Wen has to wonder if he has soared from day to night and from night to day. And fucking twice!
But it’s not too incredible, isn’t it? One of his little immortals has soared twice in two? Who will believe it if you tell it? !
What the hell is going on here? !
After Xiao asked, he consciously looked up at the head of the color Se light beam. It doesn’t matter at first sight, but it really made him see a person who has turned into a small figure and has a robbery around him. Who else can it be but Xun Yu? ! !
Xiao Wen wanted to shout "give the old man a place to live", but the question is, is Xun Yu still the original Xun Yu? Neither his friend nor his brother, but a man from the boundary! !
At the moment, the siege of Xun Yu’s road robbery is even bigger. He rushed to deal with the road robbery, but obviously he still didn’t find a Xiao Q behind his ass …
Xiao Wen couldn’t help sighing during the flight, and his heart became more and more empty, and he didn’t know what was waiting for him.
This maximum ride experience sets off the previous exploration trip in Feixia Valley, just like playing house with children …
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When Xiao came to his senses, he finally found a situation that made him feel a little more at ease, that is, although he was still in the light beam, the acceleration this time was no longer as it was, and there was a trend of uniform flight.
No, his speed is still very fast. As the height increases, he will see that the sky is getting darker and darker, and the sea is getting farther and farther away. Later, he simply can’t even see the sea, but he can see the square clouds. Then he rushes out of the sky to the extremely high virtual space, and it becomes dark again, but he can see the shining clouds in the distance.
No matter how fast it is in the virtual space, it doesn’t seem to be fast. I don’t know how long it took Xiao Wen to finally see Xun Yu’s physical robbery disappear, and then I don’t know what tricks to make the color Se light beam take the initiative to change direction and continue to rush forward.
Xiao Wen faintly felt that Xun Yu seemed to have something more, but it was too far away to see the root.
"Xun Yu! ! !” Xiao asked suddenly pull throat shouted.