Blood spattered, but this monk was lucky because of the fire. A whip in his hand suddenly waved out and missed the shock wave. The shock wave did not kill this monk by breaking an arm and was seriously injured!
Blood-stained screams rang out in this dark, deep and endless road, which seemed very sad and frightened everyone.
"Keep going!"
Except Xia Qi, no one doubts that Wu stewed the fire and scattered the people sullenly, and let the monks move on with a big hand, and the speed was faster and faster than twice.
There are roars and screams in the tunnel from time to time, but now everyone is alert and will help each other, but few deaths are caused by minor injuries.
I don’t know how long it took, but many monks suddenly felt their eyes shine!
In the dark tunnel, it suddenly became bigger and appeared in front of you. A palace was full of splendor, and the roads were like sunset glow against the bright sky.
All the monks breathed a sigh of relief when they saw the light.
The tunnel, which is deep and endless, and I don’t know when there will be an attack, makes people feel too depressed. At this moment, I naturally feel relaxed when I see such a scene.
Everyone looked up at the place where Xiaguang Ruicai emanated.
In a large palace, there is a big hall with the highest majesty, and at the top there are three big characters: Xiaguang Ruicai covers the sky and it is very bright.
The bright glow of the three Chinese characters makes people dare not look directly at it, but also exudes a very mysterious artistic conception, and immediately feels that the soul seems to be sucked into it.
"This is the abode of fairies and immortals at sunset ten thousand years ago!"
"It must be the treasure of Luoxiazong!"
"Ten thousand years ago, the Heavenly Sect collapsed, and the Luoxia Sect was very powerful. Nowadays, some top sects in the cultivation of immortals are not as good as this Luoxia Sect’s abode of fairies and immortals. The number of treasures is sure!"
Many monks are ecstatic and exclaim in succession. They stare at the Sunset Palace Group with hot eyes and wish they could not rush into it immediately and search it vigorously.
Ten thousand years ago, in addition to the fame of Tiandao Sect, there were many sects that were equally famous, such as the killing sword Sect, the crack day Sect, the sunset Sect and so on, all of which were of earth strength.
It’s not hard to imagine how rich it should be for such top sects to stay in the abode of fairies and immortals. I’m afraid an ordinary monk with qualifications can make rapid progress if he gets it!
This time, even Wu stewed eyes burning!
But Xia Qi eyes slightly cold at the moment.
Xia Qi, the sect of Luoxia Sect, was overthrown by Tiandao Sect ten thousand years ago. He clearly remembers that he got the killing sword. Zongcheng Gu Yue personally said that all the clansmen who were overthrown ten thousand years ago will be born in this decade, and their purpose is the treasure of Tiandao Sect!
What is even more shocking is that the real backstage of these sects is probably a world more mysterious and powerful than the celestial world, and the legacy is the treasure of Heaven Sect!
One after another, I met the ancient abode of fairies and immortals, and someone appeared in Xia Qi’s heart. I already believed what Gu Yue said.
At the moment, Xia Qi dares to be sure that Wu Braised all the way with such strange behavior and expression. I’m afraid it’s this sunset Zongcheng who got it. Everything is his!
Exclaimed one after another, many monks were greedy, but they restrained themselves from standing still and rushed directly to the front palace group without recklessness.
A roar suddenly came, and everyone felt that the ground was shaking and turned to look in the direction of the roar, and everyone was suddenly changed.
Only to see that the tunnel that originally entered here collapsed and closed without any gap at the moment!
The fire scattered people’s face changed the most slightly, but soon their face was calm and there was a cruel smile.
His goal is to destroy all the treasures and everyone who enters this place. He was worried that someone would escape, but now he is not worried about anything!
If you can’t go out yourself, you won’t worry about it. He believes that since this sunset Sect left this abode of fairies and there are jade slips flowing out, it is definitely not to kill everyone, and there will be a way out.
Similarly, like a scattered fire, there is no worry, but there is a slight smile on his face. And Wu stewed the jade slips he got. The most important thing is not to show them to the scattered fire. There are some simple routes that have no explanation but very clear explanations!
Jade bamboo slips clearly record everything in it, and the most important thing is that the fallen clouds are inherited, so you can control some powers of the ancient cave house!
It is precisely because of this that Wu stewed in the fire scattered people and Liu Xin and others accidentally learned that they forced to join in without any panic, but their hearts were very calm
His goal is to fall into the clouds and inherit!
He gets everything when he gets the promise!
The last one who didn’t panic was that Xia Qi experienced crack day Zonglin Fancheng Xia Qi knew that he had to go out if he wanted to. He was confident that with his current strength, he would have a chance to go out even if he killed Wu Braised.
"Well, don’t panic. It’s a sunset. The abode of fairies and immortals is definitely not dead. There is a way out naturally. Now don’t worry! The most important thing for us now is to collect all the treasures here! " Fire scattered people are full of charm, and suddenly all monks look greedy at the palace in front of them.
"Now all the monks have entered the palace, and all the valuable things, no matter how high or low, have been swept for me! Remember that no one can swallow it or I will find out that I will directly kill the slag! " With a wave of his hand, many monks suddenly rushed towards the sunset palace group!
The treasure is just around the corner
At this time, everyone seems to have forgotten that there is no way out, and there is a colorful palace in front of them. There may be treasures in it!
"Dear brothers, remember that there is no need to wait too soon. You mainly took the opportunity to attack and kill the five sworn brothers and sisters of Sanxiao Jianzong and Wu stewed! Kill them. All the treasures are ours! "
A large group of monks rushed into the palace, but the scattered voices condensed into lines and entered the ears of more than a dozen disciples and small sects who followed him
These monks all burst into hot spirits in this blink of an eye!
According to the previous agreement, all the treasures were divided into 70% of them by six monks of Sanxiao Jianzong and six monks of Wu Stewed, but nearly 20 people accounted for 30% of them, which made many monks dissatisfied and resented the fire scattered people.
At the moment, the fire scattered people and instantly made these monks have a boiling passion!
A large group of monks swarmed into this rolling palace group and swept it, that is, some ordinary lingcao with little value were searched again.
This is really digging three feet!
Chapter VI Inheriting the Past from the Future
Chapter VI Inheriting the Past from the Future
This is what Luoxiazong inherited. Everything was finally prepared by the inheritor, but even so, there are many things in this Luoxiazong palace group that make a large group of peak monks jealous during the construction period.
Treasure temptation and fire scattered people secretly ordered many monks to have conflicts gradually, and I don’t know who started it first. After the first scream sounded, one after another, killing rang out.
The fire scattered a cruel and proud smile on his face. His hidden figure quietly followed Wu Braised. He didn’t know that Wu Braised knew the secret of the sunset Sect. He wanted to kill Wu Braised himself!
It was the smug people who didn’t notice a figure hanging far behind them, and followed it carefully like a civet cat.
This figure is Xia Qi.
Knowing that Wu Hui knows this sunset Sect very well, he must have gone for inheritance at first. Xia Qi’s goal is to kill Wu Hui!
At the front of the stew, Wu was very careful. From time to time, he noticed that the speed behind it quickly crossed the palaces and did not go to the highest hall, but went to the side.
If he can inherit the sunset, everyone in this room can’t escape from his palm, and even the second-floor repair of the fire-scattered people will be easily killed by him!
The thought of being killed by the heir to vent his anger these days made Wu stew faster and his face showed a cruel smile
When Wu stew is proud, the fire scattered people quietly appeared! Body ling holding a whip with a whip shadow flashing gas burst towards Wu stewed abdomen sudden attack!