"Less than two months after Yang Xiaogang returned to Shayang City after graduating from college, she found that her sister had been killed and the murderer was missing. It was not normal to stab her’ Jing’ God. Fortunately, she was found to be sent to the’ Jing’ God Hospital when she went crazy and wanted to cut people with a knife, but recently she was released for some reason. It is said that a man had visited her in the’ Jing’ God Hospital before she came out."

Hong Mei introduced Yang Xiao’s situation in detail, carefully looked at Longyou’s expression, and looked at Longyou without dissatisfaction before continuing to say, "The deceased named Yang Jie was an ordinary family’ woman’ and’ woman’ died because her husband found out that she was killed by her husband because of an affair, and her husband was Huang, and this Yang Xiao was Aunt Huang."
Hong Mei’s amazing words also reminded Longyou of the reason why Huang met. At that time, Huang was a murderer and was sent by Zhang Jiafu to deal with himself, but Longyou accidentally discovered that Huang was a talent who accepted him.
Unexpectedly, after so long, suddenly a young aunt came to revenge Longyou, frowning and slowly clearing her mind.
"No, since Yang Xiao’s goal is to find Huang and what to do with Longge’s hand," Wang Jingang thought for a while and found that the red mei intelligence was incorrect
"This is what we don’t know, but if you give us a little, we will definitely find the truth." Hong Mei is also full of doubts about this, but she believes that sometimes they will be able to understand Yang Xiao’s purpose
"When you find the truth, Huang doesn’t know where he is everywhere." Wang Jingang was dissatisfied with the cold hum, and he was also very dissatisfied with the efficiency of the lame tiger.
"The key is that the man rescued Yang Xiao from the’ Jing’ mental hospital. The man checked him for me. No matter what, I want to get his news as soon as possible." Longyou said coldly to the lame tiger.
Although Longyou had a bad attitude, the lame tiger heard a chance to make amends, and quickly assured Longyou, "If I can’t find out my lame tiger this time, I’ll break the remaining leg."
This is the most cruel oath for a lame man. You don’t know how to cherish the lame tiger until you lose it. You can imagine that the importance attached to the other’ leg’ is probably only after green gang, the intelligence stronghold.

Chapter 17 into the jaws of death
After taking the oath, the lame tiger went out with the help of red charm. He had just been overwhelmed by the momentum of Longyou and his legs were too weak to walk-{Bi Hao’s Chinese novel}
Longyou stared at the tunnel in the white wall. "Who gave me a design for such a big game? The situation is getting more and more interesting."
The plan is far from changing. The lame tiger and the red mei just walked out of the room’ door’ and Longyou didn’t come to relax. Wang Jingang’s words rang. After answering the words, Wang Jingang’s anger suddenly broke out and his eyes could not conceal his impulse to kill.
"What happened?" Longyou asked Wang Jingang that Wang Jingang was a warming volcano and was about to reach the critical point of eruption.
"I’m going to kill them. They sneaked into the hospital and shot Xiao Si." Wang Jingang roared, then took out a pistol from his lower back and rushed out.
"Calm down" Longyou saw that Wang Jingang had lost his mind and took a big step away from Wang Jingang. He took the pistol in Wang Jingang’s hand and put it aside with his hands on Wang Jingang’s shoulders. He didn’t know that Wang Jingang had a gun on this trip.
How powerful is an orangutan? Longyou feels the pressure of his hands, which is almost the same in his heart. Even after many times of strengthening Longyou, he tried his best to barely control Longyou’s double’ legs’. His hands sank and he tried his best to press Wang Jingang and shouted, "Calm down for me."
Say that finish gave Wang Jingang a slap Wang Jingang was longyou slap temporarily quiet to don’t talk with his head down.
"What’s going on? Make it clear to me that I will be fine with my junior four." Longyou said to Wang Jingang.
At Longyou, Wang Jingang slowly regained his senses and said to Longyou, "I just sent Xiao Si to the hospital and sent two people to guard him, but just now the hospital called to say that Xiao Si’s infusion bottle was changed into a toxic infusion bottle and the two people around Xiao Si were also knocked out. At this time, they are rescuing."
With that, Wang Jingang’s anger rose again, and he slammed on the wall with several powerful forces, which made the whole room shake. After asking the cause and effect, he sent someone to the hospital to protect them. At the same time, he also wanted to send a message to the green gang headquarters. The other party did not look at green gang in the eyes, and the lame tiger felt that it was time to let the other party know that he was not easy to handle.
"Walk to the hospital" Longyou pondered with his fist against the wall with his head down. Wang Jingang said that Xiao Si was Wang Jingang’s most distressed hand, and it was hard for him to be attacked by the other side for three transgressions and two times, but he knew that he could only solve things by staying calm at this time.
When I arrived at the hospital, Longyou asked the doctor about the situation just after the rescue of Primary Four. If I found out that Primary Four was not in danger, Longyou was relieved and went to see the scene of the incident, but found no clues.
At this time, the doctor who just saved Xiao Si came over and said to Longyou, "The patient has woken up and he wants to see you."
Ward small four with oxygen mask face’ color’ is very pale, who suffered two fatal attacks a day will be so weak, Wang Jingang see small four state is so miserable and will break out or stop it when Longyou.
"Small four, what’s going on in the end?" Longyou asked the small four that the other party would not attack the small four because of it. If Yang Xiao was an accident, then this time it was intentional to attract Longyou.
"longge ahem ~ it’s Yang Xiao. She said she would let you go to the abandoned warehouse in Huang Dou in the east of the city to find him. Otherwise, Huang’s’ sex’ life would not be guaranteed." Say that finish this sentence, Xiaosi just closed her eyes and fell asleep.
"Longge asked me to take people out of them." Wang Jingang said with a face of anger.
"No, since the other party can dare to ask me to go, I will be sure to deal with Huang, and if you are too impulsive now, it will be bad to keep the hospital quietly. I will be interesting to see which way the fairy dares to provoke me again and again." Longyou said that he was a little angry at last.
Let Wang Jingang not follow Houlongyou and drive to the East Yellow Poison Warehouse alone.
When the Huang Dou warehouse came, a steel warehouse was built, but after many years, it was abandoned and located in a remote suburb. The land has been unable to find a buyer and has been left there. It was unexpected that Yang Xiao actually made a secret base point there.
"Little master, the other party has already prepared, but it is very dangerous for you to go this time." Email suddenly appeared in the co-pilot seat and said to Longyou in a serious way.
Recently, people have been with Longyou, and Longyou hasn’t seen email for several days. Seeing email appear in Longyou’s heart is also a burst of miss. Although I know that email is my body, I can’t reassure Longyou just by the sound. At this time, the appearance of email has made Longyou feel at ease.
Longyou said to Mei Er, "No matter whether it’s Longtan or Tiger Cave, I won’t hesitate to break into it when I touch my friends and my family, and I still have your roots. There’s nothing to be afraid of."
Hearing Longyou’s affirmation, Mei Er felt warm in her heart and just wanted to say something, but she seemed to be blocked by something. Generally, she couldn’t say anything. Finally, Mei Er took one look at Longyou carefully, approached his face carefully, suddenly kissed Longyou and then disappeared from the car.
The sudden arrival of email as a’ kiss’ made Longyou feel that his face was still wet and warm, and he couldn’t figure out why Bai Mei did it, but when the warehouse horse arrived, he didn’t want to put his thoughts into his heart and prepare for a big war.
Longyou saw that Huang Dou was still hanging the first warehouse card of Huang Dou Iron and Steel in Shayang City, which was destroyed by time. This card has also been worn out, and it seems that a gust of wind can make it fall.
The warehouse’ door’ was wide open, which seemed to welcome Longyou. Longyou parked his car and walked in cautiously.
There are still some scrap steel in the abandoned warehouse, which seems to have been abandoned at the beginning. Longyou picked up a rusty iron bar and touched it gently, and it broke into several pieces.
"Director Pa Pa Long is really brave. He can come alone when he knows it’s a trap." A voice suddenly sounded and the warehouse kept going back to "swinging".
"Since I’m here, don’t hide your head and hide your tail. Let’s talk with guys." Longyou’s eyes floated around to determine the position of the other party, and he was also alert to the sneak attack of the other party.
"Okay, I like frank people." A man in a suit came out of the back of the warehouse and appeared together with several well-dressed bodyguards.
And Yang Xiao also stay among this group of people is her eyes didn’t get together seems to be in a daze.
"self-introduction-my name is Li Ran. I’m glad to meet you, but it’s a pity that your fate was doomed after you met me." Li Ran looked confident and held his head high, judging others’ fate at will.
As soon as Li Ran’s voice fell, several black people suddenly appeared at the entrance of the warehouse. They were tall and muscular, and people smelled faint blood before they appeared. Obviously, these characters’ lives were like a game for them, and their meaning was to let them live longer in this game.
"I’ll introduce you. These are all black boxing masters invited by me from Europe and America at a high price. The tallest one is called the big black bear, and the biggest one is called the crab. He can pinch people from the waist with his hands. Don’t underestimate him. His name is the black monkey, who has won many championships and is the most horrible opponent."
Li Ran smiled and introduced to Longyou that three black people suddenly appeared. These are the most horrible killing weapons in the black boxing field in Europe and America. Everyone has a lot of lives, so that three people can deal with a Longyou at the same time. It can be said that Li Ran is confident that he has done it in case of loss.