"A group of you would have been sealed by Fuxi?" Hades looked Niu Mowang way

Niu Mowang was slightly silent for a while and finally shook his head. "I don’t know that we were a little domineering at the beginning, but I didn’t know that we were detained by Fuxi. Moreover, the seal was very strange. It didn’t let us die. Our magic gas consumption was almost the same, but our body was detained day and night!"
"oh? Fuxi sealed you but didn’t let you die? " Hades surprised way
Hades nodded-
People cross the country.
Gou Jian has been fighting for the supremacy of heaven since he died of Wu.
Often Gou Jian lived in the village of Zhuluo where Xi Shi used to live.
Gou Jian keeps Xi Shi’s original appearance and does not allow the slightest change.
On this day, Gou Jian sat on a reef by the sea near Zhuluo Village.
The quartet has guards waiting for Gou Jian, who is holding a magic pearl in his hand at the moment. The whole person is crazy and Gou Jian has lost a lot of weight.
Looking at the magic shell blue pearl seems to recall Xi Shi’s smile again.
Watching Gou Jian laugh slowly is a trace of sadness in his smile.
Many people don’t know how to cherish until they have lost it, and they don’t know how to cherish it until they have lost it.
"Nothing is lost? I got it, but it’s good to burn you out. " Goujian face bitter way
Gou Jian has been paying attention to the news. With the growing strength of Buddhism, military strategists have joined Buddhism. Gou Jian knows that he is getting farther and farther away from Xi Shi, and this generation should never want to be near Xi Shi again.
"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Gou Jian laughed at the sea with a hint of sadness.
Not far from Gou Jian, there was a black man watching him quietly.
"It seems that you are not happy?" Black people light way
"Who are you?" Goujian face a change.
When will this black man appear? Are all your guards blind?
I turned around and found myself in a coma.
"Who are you?" Gou Jian’s face changed lanes again.
"Don’t be afraid that I mean no harm!" Black people light way
"What are you doing? Who are you? " Goujian sink a way
"I’m from the underworld. I’m from the Yi clan!" Black people sink a way
"Si surname clan? Have the same surname as me? " Goujian face a change.
The black-robed man nodded. "The head of the great robbery in the human world asked me to meet the imperial clan in the human world and go to the underworld to avoid this great robbery!"
"The imperial clan of the human world is the reincarnation of Xia Jie, Qi Jian Gong. I went to Qi State, but Qi Jian Gong is dead. His Kyushu Ding was also given to others. It seems that Jiang Tai got the most, but since he decided, I won’t pursue Qi Jian Gong’s downfall. That surname is your purest. Prepare to come back to the underworld with me!" The black man said
"Me?" Goujian vacant way
"Yes, there is nothing in the human world to go back with me, no matter if the patriarch personally asks, it will definitely give you some benefits and strength, but at least you can be proud of the human world!" The black man said
"The envy of the world? Can be more powerful than Fan Li? Not worse than Jiang Tai? " Goujian with a hint of hope
"yes!" Black man nodded his head.
"I, I, I will go with you!" Goujian suddenly eyes flashed a firm.
Chapter one hundred and ninety Crane prolong the year
Celestial West Cow Hezhou is a territory!
Jiang Chu Jiu came to the capital of the Great Jin Dynasty with the panic army of the Great Qi Emperor.
The four sides of heaven and earth are all Qi troops dancing in the fierce wind.
"Knock, knock, knock, knock!"
The drums shook the sky.
Jiang Chu Jiu, the great camp of Qi State, was at the forefront of the marching army with a golden dragon and a white robe, followed by Yan Ying, Jiang Tianwang, Jison and other generals of Qi State.
Jiang Chu Jiu stepped towards the capital of the Great Jin Dynasty.
The capital of Korea is in a state of ruin, and a huge golden dragon is dying at the moment, and its luck is thin and weak.
The square is full of bodies of soldiers from the state of Jin, and people in the city are in panic.
The bustling palace minister was terrified at the moment.
"What shall we do?" A number of ministers were in a panic
Chaotangkou Jin Wengong stood in a blue gold dragon robe and looked at Jiang Chu Jiu in the distance.
The emperors of the two dynasties forgot each other
"Ginger Chu Jiu? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. I underestimated you at the beginning. You are more powerful than Qi Huangong. In a short time, you will be able to collect all the soldiers of the State of Qi. " Jin Wengong stare eyes way
Ginger Chu Jiu coldly looking at Jin Wengong "Zhong Er you lost! The Great Jin Dynasty will completely become history. I can give you a chance to be a minister, but it is a national enemy for Qi Huangong to die because of you. You have to die today! "
"Hum, if you want to kill me, it depends on you!" Jin Wengong eyes a stare.
The fate of Jinlong roared and immediately rushed into Jin Wengong’s body.
Jin Wengong turned into a golden dragon and immediately ran out.