He crossed the plain into the ruins of the fort.

I still remember Tianyang, a fortress with a long history, when I came to Yinlongbao twice before.
I didn’t expect it to be only a few months.
This ancient fortress has become a ruin. Even if it can be rebuilt, some buildings or arts that have witnessed a long history have been destroyed, and it is necessary to lose the sense that time has solidified and the years have changed forever.
After entering the ruins, you can hear explosions and dragons everywhere in the fortress. When you look up, you can see crimson flames rising in every corner of the ruins.
His present place is the edge of the fortress, and now there is a wall root with a height of less than 30 cm.
There are piles of rubble here, and soldiers are constantly carrying the injured out of the rubble and sending them to the camp medical staff for rescue.
Even so.
Bodies, wounded people, weapons, blood and smoke can be seen everywhere in the ruins.
Smoke-filled flames soar.
Look at that ruins of the war-torn Yinlongbao, Tianyang suddenly thought of a problem. He would like to find two cunning and insidious dragon king in this complicated and ruined battlefield.
"This is a big trouble."
"It’s a good thing it doesn’t bother me."
"I can’t find it. I can ask someone else to help me find it."
Tianyang smiled. With the practice of "Strong Heart", he can become more and more calm, relaxed and actively respond to the problems he is facing.
He probably knows how Lin Jianbing came to be calm in the face of a strong enemy without any panic.
No matter how big the difficulties are, we can face them.
Tianyang found a place where there was no one, first activated the’ Fog Ghost Amulet’, let the black fog gush out, and then used this fog to adjust the ability to’ duplicate the eye’.
The’ fraudulent time’ summoned the’ Emerald Crown’ saint Shang Yao from the fog. This is a day order’ mediator’
"Help me find the two dragons, the blasphemer and the Phantom of the Opera." Tianyang simply stated his purpose.
Shang Yao’s time projection tapped his head and then made a’ constellation jump’ to himself.
Suddenly, Tianyang and Shangyao appeared a little lavender bright starlight around them, and they combined into a constellation and rose.
Then Shang Yao pressed his hands in front of him, and the air in front of him became hazy. In the clear light, some tiny stones flew up, and those clear lights combined into various celestial bodies.
Pocket celestial body
They are distributed in the clear light and slowly rotate like a miniature universe.
Shang Yao closed his eyes and whispered, "I want to know the location of the dragon king of the blasphemer."
Tianyang suddenly realized that it should be’ scryer’ ability.
The night star once said that’ scryer’ can get inspiration from the stars, but rank 4′ scryer’ can never create a miniature universe by benefiting the surrounding things like Shang Yao.
This should be the qualitative change of ability after day order!
Chapter 1526 Peer
A moment later, Shang Yao’s projection respectfully said, "Please come with me when you have the result."
Tianyang saw the faint universe in his hand, where the stars were rushing away, leaving the constellation "Big Dipper", which was like a spoon handle pointing in one direction.
"I can find two targets at the same time and find them one by one."
Shang Yao pointed to the Big Dipper and said, "Now it points to the position of blasphemer."
Tianyang asked him to lead the way without forgetting to wake up. "The blasphemer’s ability is very strange, which can make people break into a pile of flesh and blood without warning."
"Just in case you make the’ virtual soul’ make some bodies temporarily movable, you can scout instead of us."
The two men talked and came to a street corner where there were many bodies lying or lying in the ruins.
Shang Yao stopped to say to Tianyang, "Please wait a moment, my Lord."