"What?" Bo Qiang raised his head and eyes from the front of the teacup.

"Don’t you want me to explain?" Hathaway’s eyes rolled, and her beauty seemed to be in those magnificent eyes.
"Forget it. I may have said that I don’t want to listen to other people’s lies at all, and I don’t like forcing people." Bo Qiang looked up at that delicate face and said so-called
Hathaway turned her eyes to the street and gently spit out 1.
"Norton that guy is scum …"
When she said this sentence, she seemed to relax a little, paused and said again and again
"This scum knows I have a fiance and wants to get close to me by pursuing my best friend."
Listening to Hathaway, Boqiang thought of Beatrice, a girl with a round face, and asked casually
"Your best friend … Beatrice?"
Hathaway squinted and shook her head.
She was cut off by evil spirits in the battle before her long hair, but now her shoulder-length short hair is more energetic
Perhaps because she is a swordsman, she exudes youth all over her body, and her eyes are as charming as jewels.
Hathaway glared at her eyes and said angrily, "It was Georgina who came to say that we would come to Warsaw to experience this time."
It’s a good thing not to come,’ Boqiang thought in his heart.
Hathaway went on to say, "But before she left, she suddenly got pregnant, and the students of Swordsman College haven’t graduated yet. This kind of thing probably won’t get the diploma of the college, and maybe she was kicked out by her family this time."
Bo Qiang didn’t interject, but he remembered what he had heard and encountered in his previous life and sighed in his heart, thinking,’ No matter where there will be some people who like to steal the forbidden fruit and they don’t know how much responsibility they have to bear behind them, it’s stupid to take this responsibility even if they are scum and don’t know how big it is.’
He took a sip of lemon tea casually, but somehow he didn’t taste sweet and his mouth was sour.
Hathaway raised her delicate eyebrows and said gloomily, "Georgina’s family has arranged a fiance for her. She betrayed the engagement and her family. For a noble lady who is dependent on her family and owns everything now, this kind of thing is like being sentenced to death, and Norton can’t marry Georgina …"
"Norton and Georgina have huge family conflicts, and Norton also has a fiancee … the Miss Darcy Christie."
Bo Qiang was somewhat impressed by Miss Christie’s red hair and casually asked, "Is it the redhead who left us in the wilderness hills?"
"Well, that’s her!" Hathaway nodded, her eyes a little red, and said, "She always wants to fight for her fiance’s office. There are also deep contradictions between our two small groups. If it weren’t for these contradictions, I’m afraid we wouldn’t have isolated so many companions in distress …"
It seems that for those students who are dead in the wilderness hills, she seems to have been deeply blamed.
Bo Qiang felt that she should be properly persuaded to let her out of this emotion, and he said with relief, "Maybe Christie and her are born selfish people, and even if you don’t have contradictions, they won’t come out to fight evil spirits together."
Speaking of this, Hathaway’s eyes became sharp again and said bitterly, "All this is thanks to that love rat from Norton. This time I just want to find a chance to teach him a lesson. I didn’t expect to involve you in it, but fortunately, with your help, my plan seems to have a little loophole, and maybe I will be taken advantage of by them, but I am not so easy to mess with."
Bo Qiang asked curiously, "If you really get to that point, you won’t want to move the knife, will you?"
Hathaway narrowed her eyes again. She smiled like a wild cat at Boqiang. "At most, it is to scare them. Everyone is in the aristocratic circle of Bena Province. No one wants to make a big deal out of it …"
Chapter 164 Plan
After nightfall, the noise in the daytime in Danal City of Han Dynasty gradually quieted down.
After drinking a pot of lemon tea, they got up and said goodbye to the old man.
Until they walked to the street, the old man still waved at them with a smile on the fence.
From the townhouse, Boqiang and Hathaway walked into the main street, Jonathan Mansion, next to the administrative hall of Handanar City, and walked straight along the main street, and there were not many pedestrians. A gust of wind messed up Hathaway’s long blond hair, and her hand touched her ear, and her hair was broken, and her white cheeks reflected a jade-like luster. Her lips were slightly upturned. When she passed the street lights behind Boqiang, she was like a cheerful deer chasing him for a long time and a short time.
As we approached Jonathan’s residence, several carriages were parked at the entrance of the residence.
Bo Qiang stopped at a distance and followed. Hathaway didn’t expect Bo Qiang to stop suddenly and hit it defensively.
Bo Qiang felt that the fragrant body was attached to play soft and plump, and Bo Qiang hurriedly flashed to the side. Hathaway’s legs were a little soft and fell forward, but Bo Qiang grabbed her arm and held her steady.
Hathaway grabbed Bo Qiang’s arm with both hands and stared at Bo Qiang’s eyes to see if he had a plan.
Bo Qiang’s eyes were clear, and when she held Hathaway, she kept a considerable distance. This gentleman’s behavior made Hathaway feel a little warm.
"Be careful after. If there is a wall in front, it is estimated that your face will be hit …"