Finally, there is the universe.

Self-denial, this is not him!
He can’t be so great.
The floating pagoda is destined for hell!
Merging it into hell can not only expand the source of hell, but also create ten levels of hell, which can be said to be more than one stroke and solve the big problem of Feng Zichen.
I think this treasure evolved into hell, which is definitely stronger and more perfect than the Buddhism evolved into hell.
Maybe we can suppress the quasi-saint!
"When the underworld was born, it was when feng du became famous."
It takes a while to decompose the pagoda. Of course, Zichen can’t wait here and finally take a look at the source of hell. He turns away.
With the backing of the underworld, feng du is bound to become a great avatar. Even with restrictions, he is also a great avatar.
Walking in the underworld, breathing the nine mysterious winds, Zichen feels completely transparent.
Now that he has the source of hell, he can walk freely in the underworld without worrying about being discovered by the will of the underworld
"This underworld"
"It’s just a ghost repair holy land!"
Go for a while the wind zichen suddenly sighed.
Just for a short time, his body seemed to be baptized and became more transparent and light.
You know, he’s a pick Jin Xian!
Even he can feel the obvious benefits. What’s worse, if those low-level monks are in such a cultivation environment for a long time, they can cultivate thousands of miles in a day.
"Treasure land!"
"The ghost road is flourishing"
"This is the place!"
Rushing to the land of reincarnation, the more you think about it, the more excited you are. Compared with his efforts to build feng du Luoshan, it seems that it is not good enough.
Living in such an environment, even if a pig is full, sleeps and eats well all day, it can also promote the achievement of Xiandao career.
It’s not difficult to make a golden fairy with a little effort!
Talented and willing to suffer, Taiyi Jin Xian is in front of them.
Yu Daluo Jinxian
Then you can really rely on chance!
Even saints can’t guarantee that each of their younger brothers can become a pick Jin Xian.
Feng Zichen certainly can’t!
Ghosts gather in the capital of Yong.
It may not be impossible to reproduce the lich’s grand occasion
It is a top power in the universe to have the strength of the demon family after the demon robbery.
Even saints can’t be taken lightly.
Perhaps he will rule the underworld no longer as a celestial institution but at the same level.
A ruler of the living!
A ruler of the dead!