Shi Hao was silent for a while and said, "Pursuit is by no means trivial, but can achieve great things."

"How to do? Want to kill Zhang Jun and compromise with the court? Is this what a great monarch should do? "
Shi Hao chose to persuade Zhao Shen.
"But forbearance is really what a monarch should do. Don’t forget that it was Gou Jian who forbeared in exchange for the hegemony of Yue."
The state switching of the Southern Song Dynasty government is jaw-dropping.
Zhao Shen obviously can’t agree with Shi Hao’s statement.
He was very angry.
The words sound just fell and Shi Hao nu way "this is not as forbearing as Gou Jian, this is as confused as Han Jing Emperor killing Chao Cuo! It’s weakness! If not, how dare the seven countries suddenly and violently attack Chang’ an?
Jingdi should never compromise! Never compromise with the seven countries! Directly sending Zhou Yafu to attack and kill the Seven Kingdoms can win! This also depends on Chao Cuo’s extensive life and being criticized by later generations. How can I become the second King Emperor? "
Shi Hao shook his head repeatedly, obviously disagreeing with Zhao Shen’s statement.
"Chao Cuo was sharp-edged and impatient, and he was often killed to cause public outrage, which made the seven countries counter-attack. At that time, Han Ting admitted that Chao Cuo had caused the rebellion of the seven countries because of Chao Cuo. Many people did not recognize that the seven countries were wrong and asked Chao Cuo."
Shi Hao unhurriedly said, "Jing Diheng realized that if he directly sent troops to fight against the Seven Kingdoms at this time, it would be chaos or fighting. The struggle between Liu’s grandchildren was the policy of reducing vassals and the policy of Emperor Gaozu’s enfeoffment. The Han court did not occupy the important position."
In this case, the Seven Kingdoms Rebellion is not a rebellion. No one can completely overwhelm the righteousness and fame, and no one can guarantee victory without the support of everyone.
However, after Emperor Jingdi killed Chao Cuo and made a compromise, the seven-nation army had no excuse to March. However, if the seven countries did not stop fighting and continue to attack, the birthright of [Qingjun side] completely failed, and the wolf ambition completely exposed the rebellious thief army.
So everyone saw the anti-thief quality of the Seven Kingdoms. Since then, the pacification of the Seven Kingdoms War is no longer a fight between the Han Dynasty and a justified rebellion! The fate of the Seven Kingdoms Rebellion was decided at this moment. "
Shi Hao stepped forward and said, "What is more important, one person’s life in exchange for a righteous birthright or a heavenly heart?"? Are you sure you don’t understand? "
Zhao Shen one leng Shi Hao refuted unexpectedly speechless at the moment.
"What is the weight of people’s hearts? If you don’t write history in vain, people’s hearts will often play a decisive role at the most critical time."
Zhao Shen once again looked at Shi Hao speechless for a long time, and finally Nai put his head in his hands.
"Although Deyuan made mistakes, I did my best to make a lot of contributions. Wouldn’t it be heartless if I killed him?"
"Emperor Han Jingdi may have experienced the same thing at that time, and he also had the same emotions, and he would feel that it was emotionally unreasonable to do so."
Shi Hao said slowly, "But getting rid of Zhang Jun can make the officials not continue to fight against the imperial court’s excuse. When the time comes, they can do whatever they want and settle whoever they want. It is enough to easily turn the situation around by showing some emotions appropriately."
"What do you mean?"
"We need to let the ministers know that we are angry and painful, that we are forced to kill Zhang Jun, and that we are naturally guilty or feel guilty, so we will not dare to do anything with him again."
Shi Hao whispered, "Which is more important, Zhang Jun or Song Yiguo? Positions At this moment, the thief army on Jiangnan West Road is raging, and the court must quickly integrate to deal with the thief army, otherwise Jiangnan West Road will be really bad. "
Zhao Shen struggled for a long time with his hands on his head and fingers tightly pressed against his forehead.
"Mao Zuxun but don’t let the king to the scholar-officials …"
"It’s just that we can blame the main fault of this matter on those who shout the loudest, and we can treat them casually. Can Zhang Jun kill two birds with one stone at a time?"
Zhao Shen has something to say.
Zhao Shen spoke for a long time.
"Teacher, I want to be alone for a while."
"Old minister excused himself"
Shi Hao was smart enough to leave the palace and leave the left to Zhao Shen.
Shi Hao believes that Zhao Shen will make the right choice.
Because his speech is so wonderful
But this is also Zhao Shen’s own stupidity. He took out the Seven Kingdoms Rebellion and Jingdi’s punishment of Chao Cuo, and compared it with this matter now. Shi Hao certainly climbed down the pole to make things qualitative.
But Zhao Shen didn’t seem to notice a fundamental difference between these two things.
Song Tingqun’s ministers can make a political offensive with lip service. Steven Song has no ability to resist the central government in the state of civil-military partition.
However, those princes in the Han Dynasty really had soldiers, money, and some people’s civil and military skills were not yet separated. They really had the strength to replace Han Jingdi.
How can the two be confused?
However, Shi Hao will never take the initiative to discover this.
Because he hates Zhang Jun, he hates Zhang Jun because he hates Zhang Jun.
I taught the emperor by myself, and you came out to pick peaches halfway?
Suppress me, crowd me out, and seize my position, so I have to go home, write and draw, and pretend that I don’t care about anything …
How could I be careless! That’s my job! My position! I have been in the business for more than 20 years!
What are you, Zhang Deyuan?
I’ll take your last name if I don’t send you to the west!
Obviously, painting "xianggong" also has anger.
Now this set of rhetoric Shi Hao believes that Zhang Jun is dead.
After his death, there is no doubt that he will be the final winner.
What a wonderful future?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
However, Shi Hao, who was triumphant, didn’t know that Zhao Shen had been staring at him leaving his back for a long time until he could never see it again. There was a malicious look in his eyes that he didn’t even notice.
The news that Zhao Yucheng led the peasant army to capture Nanchang County of Longxing Prefecture was sent to Lin ‘an the next day, and Zhao Shen ordered Zhang Jun to be punished.
Zhang Jun will be executed for the crime of bullying the monarch, and his family will be exiled to Leizhou if they are forgiven.
Zhang Jun argued that Chen Junqing and Wang Shipeng demoted Lingnan from the imperial court.