Li Zhichang looked rather strange. "Did you just have a drink with those mountain spirits?"

Wang Sheng exclaimed, "Are they monsters?"
Li Zhichang Gherardini way "you see what you just ate".
Wang Sheng looked around and saw that there were no dishes and wine, urine accumulated in broken pottery and some lizards in tiles.
I can’t hold a big tree and throw up.
At this time, the first mass of clear water rushed to wash him, and he also poured water into it and continued to vomit until his whole body collapsed. The water stopped, and then a warm feeling rose from his side, and he was very miraculous in an instant.
"Li Xiong’s avatar is really unfathomable. I don’t know if I can control fire and water as freely as Li Xiong." The sound is charming and crisp, but it is very comfortable with a little free and easy.
Wang Sheng looks pleasing to the eye and feels like seeing a fairy. Why is this fairy carrying a chilling sword? The tip of the sword has not yet been sheathed.
She added, it seems that she scared your friend.
As soon as the sword is put back to its sheath, it is more elegant and elegant, but it is similar to Li Zhichang’s temperament but a little sharper.
Chapter 12 Ye Sheng
Surrounded by mountains and streams as seen from Hongye Pavilion, it finally flows eastward.
Beside the Hongye Pavilion is a maple tree that has been growing for many years.
In the past, people thought this tree was spiritual, and the simple villagers worshipped it, so some efficacious broadcasts were famous in all directions.
Therefore, this red leaf pavilion is not only not lonely, but also very lively halfway up the mountain.
Ding Chenghe is a happy person. Naturally, there is no clearing measure. Nowadays, an ordinary Bai Ding in Hongye Pavilion dares to go to a tea stall and a mountain temple not far away.
Li Zhichang accompanied Sima Hongye with Wang Sheng, but at this time Ding Chenghe was surrounded by many readers, who were not in a hurry to see him appreciate poetry around him.
Only one middle-aged man looked down and out of the crowd.
Red leaves with black back and even a scabbard sword whimper. Red leaves look like a change. Looking at that gentleman, they look clear. A little bit of cold light throws a hand and they will pull out the sword behind them. At this time, Li Zhichang’s hand gently holds her grip and shakes her head.
She whispered, "Can’t Li Xiong see that he is not a person?"
It’s not that she hasn’t seen ghosts in the daytime, but it’s not inappropriate for her to look like the other person and see no difference from ordinary people. It’s the first time she’s met them.
This middle-aged man is not a person, but he is in a state of ecstasy, but he can condense and form two kinds of ghost roads before his death, which is really terrible.
If it weren’t for Blackwater Sword’s own spirituality, even she almost missed it.
It’s so natural to show that this middle-aged man is extraordinary, and it’s definitely not shallow to let such Uber die in the future.
Li Zhichang is definitely a right person, even if she doesn’t like to exorcise demons, she shouldn’t be stopped.
Li Zhichang sighed, "This person is not an ordinary ghost" and added, "So that’s it. No wonder the city god said so."
Ordinary people’s bodies and souls are naturally scattered without restraint after their death without cultivation, and they are dragged into the reincarnation of heaven and earth. If they refuse to be reincarnated and are not led by the netherworld, they will gradually dissipate. Perhaps those who have the chance can constantly condense the yin qi of heaven and earth and practice it as a ghost road, and can also fly and escape. If they reach the height, they can remember that the previous life was more flexible than the Yuan God, but it is still wonderful, and at the same time it is considered as another kind of immortality.
To put it bluntly, the practice of ghost Taoism is rarely a process of gathering energy. Finally, when you reach a high depth, you can say that the ghost fairy is different from the Taoist practitioner.
Once the energy is accumulated to a critical point, it will lead to excessive thunder and robbery, and then the yin and slag will be refined, so that the pure Yang Yuan God and the Taoist master will be different again
But few ghost monks can survive the thunder robbery because they were either removed before Du Jie or killed in the process of Du Jie.
If it weren’t for that kind of powerful ghost fairy, it would be almost a delusion to travel in the daytime and be different from ordinary people
But there are always exceptions. For example, this scholar is definitely not a powerful ghost fairy
**** *w*w*w********
Li Zhichang, a crowded gentleman, came to the gentleman without effort and asked softly, "I don’t know what your name is?"
The scholar saw that Li Zhichang was distinguished from those scholars around Ding Chenghe, but he was not a class of people. He had some good feelings and said, "I don’t know if Huaiyang Ye Guangyuan is a good man. Please give me your advice."
Li Zhichang heard the words and laughed. "It is Li Wangsheng, a native of Huaxi Village in the county."
Ye Liangchen heard that the man in front of him was Li Wangsheng, who carefully considered a sentence, "When Yan Yuan said, he would give up and hide, but only I have a husband!"
Li Zhichang said in a strange way, "Brother Liangchen has also read our county test article."
Ye Liangchen’s less bitter face eased a lot of faint words: "The ancients said that there must be a wise man in ten rooms and cities." Brother’s remark that "I am the only one who breaks loose loose articles and hides secrets" is quite ancient. Even such talents as brother can’t take the case first and can’t cite many counties in the ruling and opposition. "
After that, he couldn’t feel his own dim tears.
It was the tears that dissipated when they fell to the ground, forming a mass of soul gas and returning to other bodies. He didn’t notice it himself, but Li Zhichang did.
Li Zhichang secretly surprised.
At this time, Ding Chenghe commented on all the poems and went to Ye Guangyuan and Li Zhichang here.
He couldn’t help secretly wondering that he had always known Ye Guangyuan, but it was difficult for ordinary people to talk. Look at him and Li Zhichang, it’s strange to feel at home.
Ye Guangyuan can be said to be the best in his prose. Huaiyang is quite famous for its lack of scientific research and repeated provincial examinations.
He has always cherished others to know that his family is not rich, so he is very kind to him, and his son Ding Chenghe’s real teacher is Ye Guangyuan. At that time, Ye Guangyuan taught Ding Zaichang for only one year, and he was able to put pen to paper in the second year. In the middle of the provincial examination, Guangyuan even won the second place in the provincial examination.
Since then, Ding Zaichang and Ye Guangyuan have been tutoring him, and even more importantly, they won the Huiyuan because Ding Zaichang’s talents and talents are limited, and palace examination is outstanding, but the members of the institute are connected with each other.