Almost he noticed this law, and at the same time he also noticed a life breath that was only a few meters away from him!

For a moment, his eyes have instantly moved from the law to the master of this life breath!
"Well … it’s her …"
See another female GuQing in the cave with him frowned slightly!
This woman was none other than Xiao Yun, the girl in red who had just been in a coma for less than half an hour!
At the moment, the state of the girl in red is not much better than that of him. Not only is the red dress damaged, but the jade muscles are occasionally exposed. You can also see a series of wounds. The petite and lovely face is full of blood loss and pallor. The body is weak and chaotic. Obviously, it is not slightly injured. The delicate and elegant hair is messy, and the shoulders are strong! From this point of view, they should have been trapped in this cave for some time.
Although the girl in red was seriously injured, she was asleep, but after all, she was a master of Dan Dao’s double blood practice realm, and she was very sensitive to the outside world. Gu Qing’s eyes made her notice immediately and suddenly woke up from her sleep
When she saw clearly that she had woken up and sat up, Gu Qing suddenly got a fright and quickly stepped back and looked at Gu Qing with a face of alert.
Gu Qing frowned and looked back at her eyes calmly. "You have already left. Why … where are you now?"
At this time, the girl in red has recovered from her sleep and looked at Gu Qing carefully. It seems that she is associated with Gu Qing’s serious injury at this moment. She has relaxed a lot and is too lazy to pay attention to him. "Hum!" I sat in my place again.
Seeing that she doesn’t talk, Gu Qing doesn’t cut her throat, and she immerses herself into the artifact directly. She found the six-fold master of Dan Dao, "Tian Xiang", and took out the ring to find out if there is any panacea for the injury!
This "Tian Xiang" is a master of the six-fold alchemy. This realm belongs to the first-class masters in the whole world of cultivating immortals. Except for the top masters who practice the seven-fold alchemy, the whole world of cultivating immortals is almost free for them to gallop and collect such a master’s body.
After searching for a moment, Gu Qing found more than a dozen drugs for treating injuries, such as Huoxue Dan, Quxie Dan, Shengshengzaohua Dan, Liuhua Ganlin Dew, Tianchi Water Purification, etc. According to his current injury, Gu Qing soon took out some of them to recuperate from his physical injury.
He’s a triple practitioner of Dan Dao, and he’s trained to be Zhen Yuan. Although his attack is powerful, he can be compared with the five practitioners of Dan Dao, but his defense is very poor! After being hit by the aftermath of the "blood-sea refining and killing", his back suffered more severe trauma than before, and later he exerted the "instant killing of stars" with great physical load on him! The superposition of two injuries has made his body on the verge of collapse. Even with these pills and fairy dew treatments, it will definitely be better for a while.
Gu Qing didn’t dare to go too far when he was in more serious danger. After waking up, he kept treating and recuperating his body all the time!
After recovering, I endured the whole body that tore my heart and cracked my lungs. I started boxing in the cave to regulate my body for a few days without any slack.
He was busy recuperating his physical injuries, so naturally he didn’t have time to talk to the girl in red in the same cave. They naturally ignored each other for three or four days and didn’t say a word.
However, this situation did not last long.
Gu Qing can hold back for four days without saying a word and concentrate on healing, but the girl in red has some sit still.
On the fifth day, when Gu Qing endured the pain and finished a set of fists, he planned to continue to swallow Dan medicine and rely on the efficacy of Dan medicine to regulate the body. He kept a certain distance from him. The girl in red finally could not help but say, "Hey, do you have any water there?" I want to wash my face! "
If Gu Qing didn’t know that he had swallowed a Dan medicine, he planned to sit down and concentrate on refining this Dan medicine, nourishing the internal organs of the flesh and regulating the serious injury of the internal organs.
"Hey you this man what’s the matter? I am at least your savior. Is this your attitude towards the savior? "
"Well, you saved me?"
"Hum, if it weren’t for the fact that I also cultivated the Blood Sea Sutra" Blood-gathering Turtle Breathing "and sensed your breath, I’m afraid you would have been swallowed by some corpse-eating beasts wandering nearby a few days ago, and there would be no life to sit here."
After Guqing fell into a state of turtle’s breath, he felt nothing about the external affairs, but he also knew that a wild animal would put himself in such a dangerous situation if he used this technique all over the forest. It was because he was too seriously injured at that time that he could not make more choices.
Thinking of this, his mental consciousness has been immersed in the artifact!
When casting a comfortable living environment for Gu Xiaolin, he deliberately moved a mountain peak in a jungle. There are mountains, rivers, flowers and grass in that mountain peak, and some clear water is natural.
Gu Qing said that Yun Zhenyuan captured some clear water from a small river and directly took them from the artifact river to the cave!
Although the girl in red is a practitioner, she is a woman after all.
I don’t know how long I haven’t washed these clear waters, but her face immediately showed a little smile. Without her indifference, she quickly took out a water container to put these clear waters in, and then washed her face without saying anything.
Generally speaking, the personal vestments for cultivating immortals will bring their own array methods of cleaning, removing dust and cleaning, and the sky gate can attract heaven and earth into the body. Under normal circumstances, the master of Dandao will not be contaminated with dust, but now the girl in red has not only a trace of the image of cultivating immortals, but also some clear water, which shows that her situation was really difficult that day.
After watching for a moment, Gu Qing directly cleared the ring of Tian Xiang, the six-fold master of Dan Dao, and then took out some clothes that belonged to the girl in red and put them in daily life.
The "Phoenix Bracelet for Tears of Blood" department is very huge, and the rear part of the promotion artifact has risen by a hundred times, even if a large number of cities are installed in a mountain range! There has always been a lot of wealth, so these should belong to the "sundries" of the girl in red, and he has never cleaned them up. At this moment, the Ministry has sent a field!
"and then all these thing belong to you."
After loading, Guqing directly threw this Gankun ring in the past.
Gankun’s ring is the worst and the weapon level is also the highest. Only a big faction like Xuanyang Tianzong has a true brother can make the idle faction look at a clan door and get it. There are only a handful of Gankun rings. After the girl in red props were seized by Gu Qing, it was a low-grade bag, but her bag with poor defense performance was obviously destroyed in the previous battle!
The girl in red took the spirit of the Gankun ring that Gu Qing threw over, and immediately put the contents of the Gankun ring in her eyes!
However, when she saw that some of her daughter’s private hidden and profane clothes were piled up together by Guqing at the moment, her eyes suddenly filled with anger. "You bastard, rogue, rogue, bandit, robber … you actually … you actually put my things …"
In particular, Lenovo’s private things were actually seen by a stranger and moved. The original delicate and lovely face was even more burning and angry. "When the young lady comes back, I will definitely let the young lady kill you, you slut, you savage. I will let you know that I have offended the young lady!"