Wenleyang Huo Ran stopped before the other party appeared, and he didn’t find anyone around here.

The self-cultivation robe looks like a silver lake, a knife-shaped eyebrow, a star, and a three-strand beard. Wen Leyang’s heart sank with the breeze, and he already knew who it was. There was no second such person in the snow-capped world.
Liu Xiang’s true soul with celestial sound method
Their party has been chasing Tanggula Jianggendi like a glacier from the small town after many dangers. Wen Leyang finally holds a spare in his heart. They have repeatedly failed to show up to the Tibetans. Maybe he is not in Jianggendi like a glacier.
Tianyin seems to have seen through Wen Leyang’s idea and actually smiled at Wen Leyang. "Actually, I just came here, so I don’t want you to fool around for so long." Tianyin sounds soft and beautiful, but it seems that he has a good voice but not enough lung capacity. Every word is squeezed out of his throat with all his strength.
Even if I know that the other person is evil, Wen Leyang still feels a warm heart, and I can’t help but nod my head in a spring breeze smile.
Chapter 15 But
The little fairy toxic Chapter 15 But
The real soul killed two real people, Tian He and Tian Yin, but it was also countered by the other side. Plus, the soul of Tian Yin was dying, and it suffered some shocks from Yuan soul to body. Just now, it was completely integrated with Tian Yin Dharma. When he arrived at the top of the snow, he was catching up with the torrential rain, and the Wenleyang cone was swept away by the insect tide. Only then did he call his hand to chase all the way into the mine and stop firecrackers to lead the way and ran to the depths.
Wenleyang and Cone were like fish in his eyes, and they couldn’t escape from his palm. After entering the mine, they thought about Tianshui Grinch and ignored the seriously injured enemy. First, they went to the end of the mine to find the baby Cone and the ring. A Yuan God was wounded and not far from death. Not to mention Wenleyang, who was weak, didn’t find that Juetianyin had swept past them.
Auditions to see WenLeYang nodded and smiled more strongly, and his eyes were full of heartfelt happiness, but suddenly he flew up and kicked WenLeYang’s arms cone away.
The cone almost bit the silver tooth before struggling to swallow the misery back. The injury stirred up blood, but it stopped spraying out, drawing a mottled and piercing blood line on the surface.
Wen Leyang roared with anger, but before he came out, he felt black at the moment, and his roots refused to hit a huge force. He fell on the sky and punched Wen Leyang in the head, which was heavy but beneficial, and it didn’t hurt him again, but it also smashed Wen Leyang’s hard work in the poison of life and death.
The cone fell far away and trembled like chaff, but never gave in and stared at the sky.
Tianyin smiled and looked at the cone "Don’t give up on you" and said it for a moment before continuing to say "Don’t give up on you so soon."
Auditions are bitter and frowned as if trying to figure out how many years they have endured in Black and White Island. Finally, they shook their heads with a wry smile and gave up this plan. "Five thousand years must be more than that. Let’s just do it." Auditions laughed as if they were satisfied with their width. "From today, you will die a little for five thousand years."
Cone hey smiled, "You haven’t learned human speech yet."
Tianyin also smiled with Cone. "So I don’t like people on this day."
Wenleyang is still struggling to get up, and the auditions converge and smile. With one foot, Wenleyang just arched his body and stepped on his face, giving a look of some nai. "I stopped you from saving the cone’s life."
Wenleyang struggled to return to the scattered life and death poison in his body again, and his eyes sank to the extreme, and resentment glared at the auditions.
Auditions stretched out his hand and pointed to the mine side wall WenLeYang at that time did not notice the cave wall while writing four characters.
After a long time, I saw that Leyang didn’t respond at all. First, I was startled, and then I changed. I felt a little ironic. "Can’t you read?"
Wen Leyang ignored him, but his heart was quite resistant. He really didn’t know these ancient writings. Not to mention the well-informed three-inch Ding Wen, he recognized the "Difa River" as the "Liusha River" next to the pin Jinwo in Qilian Mountain, not to mention his little knowledge.
Auditions, pointing to the cave walls, read aloud word for word, "Thirteen, but you, the old guy, will be so generous and go to great pains to carve out such a passage for future generations to take Tianshui Grinch? The old guy also left a 13-way system. If you go in there, she will die too happily. "Said auditions politely and nodded at the cone.
Thirteen is just a ban on the thirteen roads of Tianshui Lingjing Road.
Wenleyang doesn’t know who the "old guy" is, but his eyes are dim.
He didn’t want to sneak attack on Tianyin by gathering strength. It’s just an idiotic dream to deal with Tianyin with his strength. He wanted to find a machine to hold a cone and then rush in. Although this idea is ridiculous, it is a little more reliable than sneak attack.
The character who can cut such a hole even has to stop before he bans it, not to mention that Wen Leyang is left in one thousand percent now.
Behind him, there was a stampede, and the footsteps were scattered and sluggish. Nearly 100 living dead people had chased him. The mine was not spacious, and the mine was more crowded. All the living dead were numb by Tianyin’s side. Prehistoric examples showed that they could be enthusiastic and respectful.
Cone fell over the words of Tianyin carefully, and even the arrival of the living dead seemed to be ignored by her. After a while, she looked up at Tianyin. "Who did you say that … | old guy was?"
Tianyin shook his head and didn’t answer the cone question directly. Instead, he inexplicably said, "Tiancone, have you ever thought that you have saved me for thousands of years, but the other way around?" Have you ever been shackled by me for thousands of years? "
Cone ah, I don’t know if it’s because of the rumor of auditions or because it’s too cold and thin in the cave and my body hit a heavy chill
Tianyin ignored the cone, but made a gesture to the Tibetans behind him. On the one hand, Liu Xiang was the true soul, and on the other hand, after escaping from reincarnation, he believed in the hydra living dead. They didn’t need words to understand each other’s wishes. A large group of living dead immediately stepped into the deep mine and left a living dead with heavy bags, still standing straight beside Tianyin.
A large group of the living dead crowded deeper into the mine: there was not a trace of other moving roots except the footsteps, and there was no such restraining effect as thunder and fire, poison and mercury, as Wen Leyang imagined
Wrapped in the jade knife, he snorted for Wen Leyang and asked the question "What about the ban?"
Tianyin smiled again. "I still want to sneak up on me when you don’t talk."
"Bullshit!" It’s not at all polite to wrap the ring sound, but the tone is very frustrating. "If you could still start the demon body, you would have been lying down."
Tianyin was finally teased by this nondescript slogan and burst into laughter. "Of course, three prohibitions are said to be thirteen in each of the five elements of hexagrams, but …" The laughter suddenly sharpened. "Think about that old thing. Even if Tianshui Grinch chiseled such a mine, how much strength can he have left after taking the baby?"
Rao is well informed and confused by the sounds of heaven. He said angrily, "You mean these prohibitions have no power? Even those living and dead people can’t stand it? "
Auditions continue to smile, even to the wrapped ring is full of humility of the elderly. "Of course not. At that time, he has consumed a lot. Although there are more than thirteen banned places, they are all refined souls. Are you a Luo Han Dragon or a Luo Han Dragon?
There’s always someone who wants to walk into the system and keep your soul flying away. He looks at the cone again and smiles. "He’ll be proficient in soul art when he comes."
Wen Leyang heard his chill voice even though he was wrapped in a jade knife without a body.
Wrapped ring after surprised for a long time also ignored auditions going to WenLeYang explain "Soul art is an ancient spell, and it’s another way to start without real yuan. The higher the Godsworn practices, the stronger the Yuan God is, and the more afraid he is of this soul art." WenLeYang nodded with a little knowledge of this truth, and even he didn’t want to know what soul art is. Anyway, it’s enough to know what’s going on.
Wrapped in the ring and pondered for a while, the jade knife shook its head and sighed, "This old guy really has a mind."
Auditions are in a good mood and have a good sex. He continued, "Even if I don’t integrate with my real body, I dare not easily rush into this set of" thirteen buts ",but he never dreamed that there would be a group of living dead who escaped from reincarnation at the end of the day."
Wenleyang snorted. Now I finally understand where Liu Xiang’s true soul is. I’m afraid that this group of living dead people must earn money and use materials to cast witchcraft. These things are all incidental to do the gathering of sounds. Their main purpose is to come to Tianshui to treasure through the "Thirteen Passes".
"At the beginning of this conversation, that person knew that sooner or later you would come to fetch the mine sealed by Tianshui Grinch?" Wrapped in the ring, it is clear that the road is forbidden, but it is not clear that the predecessors left a ban.
Auditions face a contemptuous expression "of course, it’s not that he’s a fairy. How can it be counted until now? Just now, I said that the old guy is a narrow-minded generation, and others don’t take him to leave | shortcuts."
Auditions said with a slight turn of eyes from the jade blade to Wenleyang’s face. "Now you have nothing to kill you for."
The words sound just fell from the cone-wrapped ring. There was a burst of laughter in Leyang’s mouth. This time, everyone was really happy. Wenleyang shook his head with all his strength and was directly stunned by such an unwarranted sentence.
Tianyin was stunned and asked, "You really don’t know?"
Wenleyang’s face was full of patience. "I know what I’m happy about. Just say what I’m talking about." His voice was vague and he still had a piece of hot tofu in his mouth.
People who have dealt with auditions talk about painting every day or being wrapped in a cone. It’s not a wise person. Now he is white. This time, he really met a stupid answer with a wry smile. "Your skill is unique from the outside, and it’s not bad. I want to stay and find a home for my third child." After a pause, I was afraid that everyone would not be white and added, "Third, you said that he could not be imprisoned for a generation."
Wen Leyang couldn’t laugh, but he didn’t kill him because his body wanted to leave it to the evil soul.
Tianyin continued, "When those worms wake up and live with you for a few years and turn you into a real water body, I’ll throw you into the thirteenth middle school and destroy your soul, even if you’re done."
WenLeYang still has some not white, although he doesn’t want to discuss this problem at all, he still can’t help but ask a sentence, "Why don’t you throw me in now? That’s it. Can you add another Tianshui God? Maybe you’ll wait a few more decades. "
Auditions froze again for a moment before stamping and cursing "Why don’t you know anything?"
Jade knife wrapped in a ring Huo Ran laughed at the auditions and said, "You’re not the first to say this." Then he smiled and explained to Wen Leyang, "Now you don’t have the Yuan God’s soul refining ban, which will naturally work for you. When you live in a insect puppet for a few years, you will become a water body, and then the Yuan soul will be banned." Finally, he firmly concluded that "there is always a set of" thirteen but "that will work for you. This ban is to deal with nothing when monks and ordinary people walk in."
Wen Leyang stubbornly asked Tianyin, "Then why don’t you just find a few ordinary people to help you get Tianshui Grinch?"
Can’t auditions answer wrapped ring, and then rushed to scold a sentence "how can ordinary people with wooden heads pass the worm?"
Until now WenLeYang suddenly figured out just wrapped ring what to sigh with emotion, this old guy really has a state of mind.
Thirteen, however, it is effective for ordinary people, but it is difficult for ordinary people to enter the mine through the thick ice sheet. Even if someone happens to enter the mine by chance, they will be robbed by the "firecrackers" that have been dormant here all the year round. When the owner and other ordinary people have the water body, they will have the Yuan God or the law will be banned.
However, at the beginning, I thought that these firecrackers could not go wild, but were accidentally brought home by the flower family.
In the recent thousand years, if a big avalanche really breaks out, and someone gets into the mine by luck, it can really reach Tianshui Grinch, but this probability can hardly be considered.
Wen Leyang finally lost the auditions and had such a good temper to talk with them. In the final analysis, it was still to take away his body. I couldn’t help but look at the hole not far in front of me and wonder if it would be more likely for me to jump up and cross the auditions and rush in than for frogs to talk.
Cone doesn’t die because auditions are slow, and Wen Leyang doesn’t die because auditions look at his body and hum, "What about me?"
Auditions revealed an unexpected expression "I don’t kill you? Why don’t you ask me why I want to kill you? " Said the auditions revealed an excited smile "not only won’t kill you, but also help you reshape the demon body and refine the demon yuan."
Wrapped in a ring, the cone suddenly spoke lightly and said, "Looking at the sky, there are not many pure fierce demons. He thinks that their old family will not kill you."
Liu Xiang’s true soul has been attached to Tianyin body for years. Although it has been restricted by Tianyin soul, there is no way to make any big move, but it has also been known for many times from Black and White Island that the goose and sheep road was beaten away by Sanwei Road. He already knows that the evil soul is no longer the goose and sheep road. He had seen Tuoxie and naturally knew that the evil soul was accused of being in Hiderigami’s body and should also think of a solution.