Ann sobbed and pushed his hand and said, "Go! You must save our child safely! "

At this time, a white commercial car has pulled out from the back door of the hospital …
Ye Beiqi sat in the back seat of the car. She tightened her eyebrows and looked down at her leg basket. There was a cute baby in the basket. He was sleeping with his eyes closed. He had a rosy mouth and he was very cute from time to time.
It is …
She withdrew her eyes from the basket and looked up at the person in the cab in front of her and asked, "Uncle, did you say that taking me to see something interesting means taking me to steal children?" Stealing children is a crime! Why don’t you ask that sister to come back and send the child back? "
Chen Jiuhan gave her a white look in the rearview mirror and said testily, "You are so promising!"
"…" Ye Beiqi squinted at the back of Chen Jiuhan’s head and pouted, "I’m worthless, but I’m worthless and I won’t steal children!"
"Shut up!"
Isn’t it stealing children? Don’t let me talk? I don’t know how anxious this child’s parents are now!
She was thinking about Chen Jiuhan’s cell phone rang and he pulled over to hook up his lips and answered the words.
"It’s me. Well, I have it."
Ye Beiqi heard Chen Jiuhan say the name of a bar and then ended the call. Then Chen Jiuhan sent Ye Beiqi to Zhao Jing, where Zhao Jing saw Ye Beiqi holding a baby in his arms and looked at Chen Jiuhan in shock and asked, "This manager Chen asked me to buy milk powder and a bottle. This baby?"
"Well, you help Becky take care of the child."
Chen Jiuhan finished and turned and left. The two of them looked at each other. The little stars should be hungry and suddenly opened their mouths to cry. Zhao Jing and Ye Beiqi didn’t take care of the children. Worse still, the baby was born a few days ago. The more the stars cried, the more they were in a hurry.
Ye Becky’s warm water gave the stars milk powder. When the stars felt something touching him, they immediately stopped crying and opened their mouths to grope. He took a sip of the pacifier and spit it out again, crying again.
"This little guy! I am afraid I miss my mother! " Zhao Jing a face of hard to say "this can’t do, so make to the neighbors to call the police again! Becky, where did this kid come from? Where’s his mother? What does manager Chen mean? "
Text 5 This is a good thing.
"I don’t know who this child is from the hospital, and I don’t know what uncle stole this child from his mother." Ye Beiqi suddenly grabbed Zhao Jing’s hand and asked nervously, "Sister Jing, do you think this child is illegitimate?"
"Don’t talk nonsense! I’m tired of this child crying, so don’t make trouble! " Zhao Jing bowed his head and quickly packed up what the children wanted.
"Static elder sister, where do you want to go? Why don’t we take this child to the police? "
Ye Beiqi’s words once again brought Zhao Jing a supercilious look and Zhao Jing a big bag filled with grandma Wen’s bottle and diapers and wipes, and said, "We don’t know what manager Chen’s intention is, so we will rashly send the child to the police station. If manager Chen breaks down, we will all be more than one bargained for!"
"But" Ye Beiqi worry about looking at the arms of this child who keeps crying and crying. She is distressed about what uncle wants to do and who child is koo!
"Don’t be a jerk. Since Mr. Chen asked us to take good care of the child, he said that he would never want to do anything to the child. At best, he just wanted to benefit the child and lead someone out. Let’s go."
"Where are you going?"
Zhao Jing watched Ye Beiqi holding the baby too hard, and she was so tired for the baby that she threw her pocket on the sofa and bent down to take the baby from Ye Beiqi’s arms and said, "I’d better hold the baby. I’m a little better than you. If you carry that pocket and let’s go to the car and stay at home, it will be difficult to make the neighbors suspicious and attract the police."
Section 4
"Oh, oh, this method is good."
In the hospital, Ni Haodong stared at the black screen and his eyebrows piled up a hill. He called the police and answered the phone but it was Chen Jiuhan!
At the moment he heard Chen Jiuhan’s smiling voice, he suddenly realized why his mobile phone crashed when he went to go through the discharge formalities just now. It should be that time when Chen Jiuhan remotely controlled his mobile phone, he knew that he would definitely call the police. He changed the settings of his mobile phone, and if he called the police, the signal would be automatically connected to Chen Jiuhan’s mobile phone.
He knows that Chen Jiuhan has always been bitter about what happened in those years, and he also knows that Chen Jiuhan will wait for an opportunity to retaliate, but he didn’t expect that he dared to hit his son with his idea!
Ni Haodong heard Yang Bo say that Yang Bo was able to find out Chen Jiuhan’s loophole in Senquan before because Chen Jiuhan underestimated him. He didn’t know that Ni Haodong would have a brain expert around him. He didn’t make himself look after the housework. If Chen Jiuhan carefully arranged Yang Baigen, he wouldn’t be his opponent.
I have to admit that Chen Jiuhan is a quick-witted opponent who may have been brought up with him, but his heart is cold and hard, but he won’t take it out on others at will. Chen Jiuhan will always find someone, and he won’t really be cruel to his son.
Although he knew that the stars should be safe, he was still flustered at the thought of having his son in someone else’s hands. You know, the stars are just a few days old! He has to breastfeed every once in a while!
There’s no time to delay! He must go to Chen Jiuhan immediately and talk about what Chen Jiuhan wants. He will promise.
He first called Luo Luo and told her that the child had been found to reassure her. He said that he would go to the car to pick up the child and ask Yang Baixian to take them home.
When I arrived at the bar agreed with Chen Jiuhan, the shutter door outside the bar dropped by half in broad daylight. At this moment, when the bar was open, Ni Haodong lit a cigarette at the door of the bar and took two puffs, then the shutter door rose and came out from the inside. A strange-looking guy came out.
The young man made a gesture of coming in next to Ni Haodong and said, "Manager Ni, please ask Manager Chen to wait for you inside."
NiHaoDong listened to throw away his cigarette and pushed him into the bar because he was not in business. At first glance, he saw the familiar figure sitting in the bar with his back to him.
Chen Jiuhan didn’t look back. He leaned on the sofa and sipped a glass of red wine. Ni Haodong looked around and didn’t find his little star. He quickly walked over and sat opposite Chen Jiuhan and asked, "Where is my son?"
"Ni always has a good fortune. My wife is pregnant and my business is steaming." Chen Jiuhan let go of the glass and looked at Ni Haodong with a cold smile. "I don’t understand why your life is so good! ?”
"Where’s my son?" Ni Haodong asked again that he was not in the mood to say goodbye before he saw the stars.
"Hum" Chen Jiuhan got up and leaned forward and walked to the stairs. At the stairs, he grabbed the handrail and turned around and said, "I want to see your son, so why don’t you follow?"