Maybe even higher!

Daxian? ! !
It’s a bit like it! !
It may even be higher!
Although the realm of the father and son is low, the high-level people have seen it from a distance. Once they realize that Xiao Wen Shao is a big fairy realm, their mood will be different immediately. What is there in front of them that deserves a big fairy plot?
"Senior, please sit down!" The middle-aged man quickly got up and asked Xiao to sit down.
After having a good one, Xiao asked for the key in a short time.
The father, Zheng Dongzhou and Zheng Pingji, are both talking when dad Zheng Dongzhou.
"Doggie just woke up. Does it cost coolies to go to the branch to collect the immortal method?"
Zheng Dongzhou wry smile way "predecessors want to come from practice, you haven’t been exposed to these things, but it’s normal to say that it’s a coolie. It’s not necessarily like this Simangshan branch, which is going to plant and cultivate the raw materials of paper. It’s actually very easy, but it takes a long time."
"How long will it take?"
"five years"
"Five years? !” Xiao Wen couldn’t help but look at Zheng Ping’s decision to let him grow hemp for five years.
"How can young people waste five years when I am a father and go for him?" Zheng Dongzhou said generously.
"Do you have to learn fairy dharma in the branch?"
"For people like us" Zheng Dongzhou wry smile way.
"Can go to the master?" Xiao asked in astonishment.
Nazhi Zheng Dongzhou and Zheng Ping are even more startled. After a while, see Xiao Wen, unlike the false Zheng Dongzhou. "Don’t the predecessors know that our Yuan Dao celestial beings are scattered and repaired? Even those immortal families and clans are regarded as the branches of the world god alliance, and even if they want to learn fairy dharma from their father, they should report to the world god alliance. "
I’ll go! ! !
PS, let’s make efforts after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. Let’s slow down these two days to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and forty Back to the valley
Xiao Wen asked more and more surprised. I finally got it. What’s going on?
Emotion is a bit like a secular court. If monks in this world have to pay less, they will have to pay a poll tax! "poll tax" can’t be called that in the cultivation of immortals, but it’s no different from paying taxes if it’s implemented and handed over to immortals, goods or services.
For example, even if Zheng Ping wants to follow his father to learn fairy method, he will have to pay a small amount of tax to the God League. However, his father’s fairy method is not a high fairy method, and he repeatedly decided to let Zheng Ping learn more intersections directly from the God League branch.
In this way, the alliance of the gods in the world is equivalent to banning the popular system of learning from teachers in the celestial world, making it a price tag and having to buy a compulsory "xing" that can’t be bypassed if you want to practice.
This matter can also be used to ask Xiao about it. He got three sets of fairy methods from the Wukui Lake branch of Jieshenmeng, but they are all elementary and advanced. When he finishes his elementary study and wants to learn advanced, he must exchange the contribution points of Jieshenmeng for other methods. This is also a tax payment.
The biggest difference between Xiao Wen and Zheng Ping is that Xiao Wen can get "generous" benefits when he comes to a high level, and it will not be too difficult for him to exchange his strength for advanced fairy magic in the future. Zheng Ping, on the other hand, has just woken up, and it is a little insufficient for the low-level people to be sympathetic, asking for more and less.
If Zheng Pingsheng has a higher realm in any giant valve, then his weight will be heavier in the world alliance, and the world alliance may give him some preferential treatment when he first sets foot on the road of practice, but that is if …
As he said, he can’t get around the world. If he wants to practice, he must cross the world.
Xiao Wen felt incredible when he first came to this world, but Zheng Dongzhou and Zheng Ping were used to it and didn’t feel how unacceptable it was.
In fact, everyone in the Yuan, Dao and Fairy World has been used to it and has lived in this system for many years.
At this time, Xiao Wen couldn’t help but think of his feelings funnily. If he wants to take an apprentice in Yuan Daoxian, he must get the consent of Jieshenmeng and at least go to Jieshenmeng to write something down …
What makes the world god alliance?
Xiao Wen really wanted to know the answer to this question, but it was inconvenient to ask, so he decided to tell the father his identity.
Thinking of this Xiao Wen, he smiled at the two men and said, "To tell you the truth, I actually only recently ascended to practice in this world and really lacked understanding of this system."
Zheng Dongzhou’s father and son couldn’t help looking at each other, but never dreamed that they would meet a rising figure in a pub …
Xiao Wen over there has continued, "I really don’t understand how the God League of the landlords can force every monk to take care of it this day?"
Now that Xiao Wen has identified himself, it’s not abrupt for him to ask again.
Zheng Dongzhou respectfully offered a courtesy to Xiao Wen, saying, "I never thought that my predecessors were soaring and disrespectful. The strength of the Taoist alliance is so great that it is not a secret for us local monks. There are two points at the key point. The spiritual environment in this world was once on the verge of collapse. The Taoist alliance mobilized a lot of manpower and material resources to maintain the spiritual environment in this world. Otherwise, even if we woke up, we would practice. Second, it is in the management of the world that a large-scale war has never occurred, and the practice environment is relatively peaceful and tranquil. We are all grateful and should try our best to support them. "
"So that’s it," Xiao asked, nodding his head and then being silent.
On the other side of the table, 90,000 people stopped eating, but bowed their heads and meditated to judge that Zheng Dongzhou’s words were somewhat true.
After a while, I couldn’t figure out the clue. Xiao Wen didn’t want to ask, "If I am Zheng Ping, do I still have to report to the Jieshen League branch?"
Zheng Dongzhou and Zheng Ping were both surprised or Zheng Dongzhou was slightly better. In shock, they replied "Yes".
Xiao asked not frowned, but his own false identity also don’t know if there will be debunked one day. If there is something, it will be in the opposite of the world god alliance. Won’t it bring trouble to Zheng Ping at that time? Although he and Zheng Dongzhou’s father had this personal relationship, they let him know a lot of information and he really wanted to help them.
If this road is blocked, I can choose another road. Xiao Wen asked again, "How much can I replace the fairy stone if I plant five golden strands of hemp?"
At this time, Zheng Dongzhou was calmer because he felt that Xiao Wen might not want to help them, but he might also want to ask about the "price" …
"It takes two fairy stones to replace the service," Zheng Dongzhou replied honestly
"Two fairy stones ….." Xiao asked, muttering about what the two fairy stones are equivalent to, but he still couldn’t figure it out when he was new here.
Zheng Dongzhou’s father also dared not speak to disturb Xiao Wen, while on the other side, 90 thousand was still thinking about the former question
At this moment, Xiao Wen was ready to go. First, he took a look at the pub and noticed their side before Zheng Dongzhou said, "You may think that this information is nothing, but it is very important for me. I want to repay Brother Zheng personally with a fairy method, but it is really troublesome to report to the world god alliance. Now I have to go, so these fairy stones support Brother Zheng to practice. Let’s leave."
Xiao asked his left hand to put things on the table in front of Zheng Dongzhou. When Guanghua flashed and moved again, the table had four pieces of glittering and translucent fairy stones.
It’s nothing for Xiao Wen, but it’s the first time that Zheng Dongzhou’s father has seen Xianshi so closely in his life, and one is four pieces, which turned out to be frozen on the spot.
When they react and should thank them, Xiao Wen has gone out of the pub with 90 thousand to leave their father and son with a back.
When the two of them rushed out of the account, there was already a fiery red light left in the night, like a meteor, throwing it at the horizon …
The father and son watched the light disappear for a long time until the light disappeared completely, but the four fairy stones in the purse were heavy and so real.
After another moment, Zheng Ping had ecstasy in his heart, but Zheng Dongzhou had a faint loss in his heart. He knew that their father had missed a good opportunity! If we can let his son Zheng Ping follow the soaring elder to learn the immortal method, it will definitely be far better than getting four immortal stones. Unfortunately, the elder obviously has a conflict with the God League in the world and changed to fund them with four immortal stones because he didn’t want to report to the branch.
That’s right. Although this is Zheng Dongzhou’s first contact with the soaring people, it can be judged from those smells that it seems that all the soaring people have some resistance to the world god alliance after coming to this world. In fact, it is only the soaring people who have resistance to the world god alliance. It seems that there will be a certain proportion of monks in the earth who don’t buy the accounts of the God League, including some low-level monks. Most of these people have one thing in common, that is, they don’t like being bound. In their eyes, Ziyou is above everything else. It must be said that although there are various benefits in the governance of the God League, there are indeed many restraints, and all of them are resisting.
In the distant night, Xiao Wen and 90 thousand chatted while they were on their way.