He has a trick and a sword through his heart!

One move to continue the same move, but the power is poor, let people know that he has made a move, but he has to avoid it by means of defense.
"It’s horrible!"
Xia Qi gasped in a gasp. These three old deathlessly are really the last cards of Sanxiao Jianzong, and they are definitely comparable to the three gods.
"Ah …!"
Just at this time, the love sword once again came out of the sword and stabbed through Xue Yuan’s heart. Although it was a little too wide to pierce the abdomen, it also made Xue Yuan seriously injured and screamed.
"retreat! You retreat immediately! "
Qin Yi saw the situation here, and his sullen mouth was even more violent than drinking.
"Master elder brother you also retreat! I’m afraid these three immortals are even more horrible than the ordinary deification period. If you unite, you are no match! Now retreat and wait until the three old men are dead, and when they come back, they will kill Sanxiao Jianzong! "
Guo Tong several people are also white to stay here at this time. Nothing can be a death. Don’t hesitate to walk away at once and wake up to Qin Yi at the same time.
"Kill me three swordsman still want to escape and leave it for me!"
Swords are proud to yell at him for murder, such as the sea, black and bright swords hanging around, turning into a sword, the sea, the sword, the sense of being cold and crushing everything, and Xia Qi and his party will be shrouded in it.
"No matter them! We don’t have much time to kill the strong in the deification period, and then we will return to the strong in the deification period of Sanxiao Jianzong and will naturally tidy up them. "
Sword grave eyes cold cold mouth drink a proud sword.
"Let me kill a strong man in the deification period before I fall!"
Jian ao’s momentum is crazy and violent, and he looks closer to Qin Yi than he does.
The sword grave and the love sword are also close to the past three people, and Qin Yi’s escape route is stuck from three directions, forming a powerful momentum of Qin Yi’s confrontation.
Qin Yi’s pressure has been greatly increased before he makes moves!
"Even if you are a strong person in the deification period and dare to infringe on my three swords, you will die!"
Sword grave cold mouth he pointed to Qin Yi with a sword in his hand.
A growling sword proudly shoots first, and a painting hangs over the world, painting black swords and flashing swords, killing people in the sea.
"You three retreat quickly!"
The sword cut out of the sword grave blocked Qin Yi from slapping the sword evil, and then several people drank the sword evil.
Their purpose is to save the lives of several sword evil people, otherwise if several sword evil people die, Jianzong will perish without the former!
After all, it is impossible for the strong to stay in Sanxiao Jianzong all the time when they are coming from the open sea. If Sanxiao Jianzong wants to leave, it must be an extinction field.
"I will kill the three of them today, and no one can stop them!"
Qin Yi suddenly and violently growled that he was also the top among the top strong, and now he is even stronger when he stepped into the stage of deification. Even in the face of sword grave, several people are not afraid to speak freely.
"Kill the sword and kill the blood!"
Three people were pinned down by the sword grave, and three people took the opportunity to retreat. Qin Yi’s eyes were wide open, and he was angry and violently drunk. A blood sword appeared in his hand, like blood condensed into a crashing chop!
This sword cuts the bleeding light and dazzles the tiny sword mans!
"The sword sea dies!"
Swords are proud to drink a black sword, and the black light flashes, and a sea of swords appears. All these scattered swords and mangles will be ground to pieces.
The sword mans vanish, but the proud sword doesn’t notice Qin Yi’s eyes, but there is no depression but a hint of excitement!
"Blood kill!"
Sure enough, for a moment, Qin Yi binged drinking these faint blood fog that was diffused when the firm but gentle disappeared, and condensed into a blood mountain like light in this instant, attacking the old back of the wind.
"Look out!"
Sword grave several people frightened didn’t expect Qin Yi means so strange wake up the wind always want to rescue but already can’t come!
Blood mans since the wind old middle of the back through directly together with the yuan baby shattered instantly already dead can’t die!
"F * * king! You are looking for death! "
"If you are dead today!"
"Kill him!"
Thousands of years ago, they were famous people in the field of cultivating immortals. But now that someone killed them in front of them, the people they wanted to protect suddenly made the three people angry
Heaven and earth tremble with three hands!
They are already the last time. At this time, they are determined to pull Qin Yi, the strong man in this last life, and they will be buried with him.
And sword evil and sword old at this time has been far from the battlefield!
They know that their own strength has been involved in such a battle, especially after the destruction of part of the Three Swords and the reduction of their power.
Qin Yi eyes at this time, however, moving sword evil several people swept.
"Since the moment when the sword clan was founded, there has never been a clan that can kill the sword clan and get well! Sanxiao Jianzong is no exception! "
Qin Yi’s eyes are light and cold, but his expression is light and his mouth is cold.
"Want to destroy three clouds sword with you just a god period of the strong? It’ s simply an idiotic dream! "
Sword grave cold drink with a proud sword and love sword killed over three people, one of them can fight alone, and the strong at the moment will join forces with power to be strong and shocking.
"I said to destroy the sword of the three clouds, then it must be destroyed! Burning Shou Yuan for 500 years! "
Qin Yi’s eyes reveal Sen cool colour. At this moment, his body has a white flame burning. With the flame burning, Qin Yi’s body is visible to the naked eye, but his body momentum is rushing to the clouds!
Burning Shou Yuan for 500 years for a moment!
Sword grave three eyes stare big can’t believe it!
They are people who are coming to the end of their lives. They yearn for life more than anything else. At this time, they see Qin Yi burning for 500 years without hesitation. This makes all three people feel pain and panic.
"I’ve been burning for 500 years, and now Shou Yuan’s strength is comparable to that of the seventh floor of the deification period, and you can match the first and second floors of the deification period at most. Together, it’s just comparable to the fourth and fifth floors of the deification period. Now what do you take to stop the old lady?"
Qin Yi’s middle-aged face appeared to wrinkles, and many of them looked old, strong and weak. At this time, his momentum was stronger than Sen’s cold, and he stared at the distant sword evil and old sword.