"Recognize the independence of the Shenshi tribe"
Warm look a shock "he said at this time will be targeted and … is there any meaning? Those people can’t wait to step on one foot and support and admit that he has reached the instructions? "
Fu Yunyi firmly said, "If he wants to stay in Taiwan for a day, he will be the supreme leader of this country. No one can object to the so-called narain. Moreover, he is not alone. The Meng family will oppose him, and he will also be supported by others. Don’t forget that Zhou Jia and Fan Jiazhong will also be on his side. In addition, Wen Jia, Fu Jia and Xiao Jia, these aristocratic families also have weight to speak."
Warm frown "Even so, the Meng family is well prepared and must have counted all these. I heard that in the cabinet, it depends on the support rate. He also issued an order with the consent of most people, not what he thought."
"That’s right, but there are not a few people who support others in the pavilion. Besides, those people at the top are all supporting him and other Uzbeks in the tribe."
"What about foreign forces?"
"This is our state affairs. Are they qualified to intervene?" Fu Yunyi sneered, "I really want to step in when I am a dish, and I am not afraid of being cut down. If I am too weak, I will be bullied. If I really dare to make moves, I will fight back."
"Elder brother …"
"I know you don’t like war to solve problems, but I don’t want to, but if a warm-hearted person is patient, he will be recognized as a bully. You should shine your sword when you shine it. You can rest assured that you won’t fight unless you have to. Just leave these things to Zhou Hanhan to deal with."
"Well, what about the Meng family?"
Smell speech Fu Yunyi expression dignified "with meng home is probably not a duel"
Warm-hearted, with a heavy heart, I think that both the sacred and the magical are still in Beicheng, and I can’t help but worry, "Are the sacred and the magical already planned?" What war plan did you make without telling me? "
Fu Yunyi saw her anxiously rubbing her hair and said, "Warm son, these are men’s things, just leave them to us to deal with, okay?" You need to take good care of yourself and your baby … "
"Elder brother …"
"Believe me, it will all pass soon."
Warmly, I saw that his attitude was firm, so I stopped asking questions, but I paid more attention to the news. Until that day, Jiang Quan appeared on the screen. He was dressed in a proper formal suit and tie, with a silver white hair comb, and he was meticulous. He walked steadily to the stage without a trace of embarrassment and haggard figure, and his eyes were calm and determined
Warm suddenly some orbital fever.
He really hasn’t been crushed or affected, which is obviously incredible to the outside world. What a scandal and crisis! How can he be so calm?
How big is his heart?
Or is that all slander? He has a chest in his hand and is not afraid?
Who knows that when he faced the foreign media, he said, "Warmth is really my daughter. I really married and cheated on Lin Yuyan more than 20 years ago!"
This is an outcry.
The audience staring at the screen were also shocked. The truth was so direct that they were almost shocked.
The media on the scene filmed and recorded this earth-shattering scene crazily.
While the cabinet executives who attended the news conference together were all looking different and whispering. Obviously, I didn’t expect Jiang Quan to come straight to the point and admit that there was no cover at all.
Jiang Quan regarded all the people’s strange eyes and talking calmly and continued, "But the truth is not what the media reported. Some of them are not true. Yu Yan is not destroying a third party in my family. She was misjudged and cheated the koo victim …"
With his narration, everyone’s mind was drawn to the feud for more than 20 years. Jiang Quan fell in love with Lin Yuyan at first sight. Nai struggled with his wife and couldn’t help it. After the lie was exposed, it was painful. Later, it caused the irreparable tragedy to end. After hearing it, the people all felt deeply sorry, from initial shock to complex sympathy to regret and regret …
There is no telling who is right or wrong in this tragic story, only a sigh.
Warm and unconscious, tears streaming down her face.
At this moment, Jiang Quan said with a painful face, "The people I am most sorry for in my life are Yu Yan and my daughter’s warmth. Yu Yan is gone. Even if I want to repent again, there is no chance. This is my greatest punishment. I can say that I didn’t do my best to be warm. It is my duty to be a father. Fortunately, I still have a chance. I will make up for it when I have half a generation."
His voice choked up and he almost couldn’t say it. It was only after half a ring that he recovered his emotions and solemnly said, "I have lost my virtue and am no longer suitable for the presidency. After today, I will hand in my resignation and will never set foot in politics again. I am grateful to all the people who support me and I am sorry!"
After saying this, he bowed very seriously for a long time before straightening up.
Everyone in the field has long been blown back by this. Although they all vaguely guessed the scandal, he certainly couldn’t do it, but he didn’t expect to be so happy. There is not even a little refutation and salvation.
Meng Jia arranged for people to be a little confused when they heard this at the moment. They also prepared a lot of evidence and tricks, just waiting to tear it up with Jiang Quan. Who knows? Is he sincere or retreating?
Section 57
Then they will all be white.
Because Jiang Quan looked positive and determined, he said, "But before that, I want to announce one thing. I think you should have guessed it. The leader of the Shenshi tribe recently signed a contract with me."
With that, he respectfully came up and handed him a contract. He slowly exposed the front to the camera, and the media were going crazy. If there were no guards in front, they would have rushed to the stage to shoot.
But in general, they have also seen clearly what is non-aggression, respect for each other’s territorial integrity and friendly exchanges. To sum up, the Shenshi tribe is independent and does not belong to anyone.
The field is once again in uproar.
The Meng family was even more shocked and pale. When did this happen?
Finally, someone shouted "no", and then someone echoed a riot. Jiang Quan’s face remained the same and he said forcefully, "I was still the first country when I signed the contract against it."
The man metal gray face shouted "that you can’t dictatorship! We demand a vote! This is a matter of state and cannot be decided by you alone. "
Jiang Quan is very calm. "But since it’s a vote, then do it more thoroughly. Not only the people in the voting country have the participation, but if most of them are against it, then I … won’t go against the sky."
"Well, that’s what you said!"
"I said I would never go back on my word!"
"Then vote now!" The man is probably afraid of big sleep aggressive way
Jiang Quan sneered at "ke"
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