Even just passing by.

The fierce fluctuations they have produced have already caused turmoil in one [world] involuntarily!
It also makes all the surrounding areas [time structure] constantly ups and downs!
It also makes the guys who live in the world but don’t know what happened really feel scared …
In this case
Do things trigger [cut] is not intended.
Those [worlds] would have been erased by her attack if it hadn’t been for reducing the [plane suppression] pertinence.
Her goal for the time being is the guy in the distance.
In a sense, she is more interested than the other party, and environmental problems are deliberately converging their own strength.
Of course, some ideas can’t help but arise.
If you catch the other side, it should be a very good credit …’
Recalling my [future body] and handing back the information [excision] is a bit uncertain and has a daydream.
at this time
Those attacks from afar are also about to reach the position.
Looking at them, they are like several dark green tentacles.
Together, we will encircle the [brilliant world] and cover every inch of its outer area!
The bright dark green brilliance also covered all the colors in this moment, which made several creatures stunned and raised their heads …
At present, there is no convention in the high-level world and the brilliant world in the plane department. Every resident is a person with strong strength and extraordinary ability, and is called "fairy", "god" and "magic" by the creatures in the level world. Even roadside weeds are naturally raised with "elixir" and "fairy grass", which is precisely why they are held at this moment.
Make their hearts can be contained and panic will emerge!
Some strength is not bad, but the guy suddenly links the consciousness to the power of "excision" through his own perception ability because of his strong enough strength, which leads to his long-range invasion by her.
Haven’t come into direct contact with the series of attacks, but there have been many variations in "body" and "soul".
And this kind of situation naturally makes the situation in the [Brilliant World] department more chaotic!
Witness this scene.
The real target of these attack
The face of the "traveler" is still very fixed.
It’s as if all this is just a gentle breeze.
He didn’t react until the moment before those attacks really arrived.
That moment
He just moved his mind and was completely changed!
The whole "Brilliant World" department [time] has completed the reversal and reversed all the changes before all the indigenous residents did not look at it.
And the scale of the outer side of the "brilliant world" has also changed, and it has been lengthened.
Those who should have arrived smoothly and attacked this force immediately became a permanent way to reach their destination, and snails no longer posed a threat.
Finish this move
The name "through" finally is not urgent not slow sighs.
"It’s interesting that even I can capture your exact information … from the outside [when not observed] …"
Although [the traveler] is talking to himself lightly.
But for [excision]
Those words are no different from the ear.
in this regard
She is very disdainful to say
"I don’t know the so-called guy …"
"I’m tired of killing fools like you …"
Chapter 1519 【 set rewrite 】 (3)
How many guy call themselves "intelligent"?
Answer eucalyptus is limited!
It is impossible to count the roots clearly!
Even in the backward and weak areas, you can find out the guy who has not forced the number.
This is especially true in places that are particularly ignorant!
most of the time
Even in the first place, ordinary people dare to claim to be "knowledgeable" and then use the religious foundation of "gods" to wantonly threaten happiness.
What kind of brand is valuable?
Answering eucalyptus is shit.
Tired of listening!
Even [removing] herself.
Also, some areas are regarded as "knowledge" by the weak.
Hear the words "knowing ability" in the mouth of the traveler.
[excision] in the heart
Consciousness reveal that idea of ridicule and contempt.
It’s like seeing a stupid fork who likes to brag.
It’s like seeing a local dog claiming to be a natural enemy.
And feel the contempt of the other party’s words.
"Crossing" seems to be not very interesting, but there continues to talk to himself.
"Just get rid of you after nature can know more …"
Inside the words
Full of confidence
after that
Don’t wait for [excision] to refute what?
[Setting Rewrite] Start again!
[New setting] appears with the will of the passer-by, trying to cover the [cut] body [old setting]
That is to define the state [death] [new setting]
And once covered,
As stated in [New Settings].