I’m cooking medicine in the wounded barracks. I heard this man talk about what happened in today’s handsome account. I got up and moved. The activity said to Shelley, "Let Lian Frost come to see me now."

Shelley gave the umbrella to Jing Zhi and ran away at once. Soon even Frost was called.
"I have heard that you want to be handsome?"
"Big sister think I’m a little arrogant?"
LianJianJia shook his head. "When you were young, Huang Zhang asked me for less. Let me see if you haven’t been here for fifteen days."
Chapter 47 Talent without virtue
You Shi Qian was not even in this wounded barracks. He helped, washed his hands, went back to the imperial tent and changed his medicated clothes.
At the edge of the imperial tent, the sand table is waiting, and the console table is throwing at one side. Now you can directly contact the details of the two cities. One exception is that although there are mountains around, these blue mountains and plains countries have no natural advantages.
Attacking Lan Cang was ordered by Qi Mu, and this is the best choice. As a tactic, it really allows these people to retreat.
However, after the first and second cities are taken, this tactic will also be exposed, and the third city will not be easy. The enemy will be particularly tenacious. When the time comes, the reinforcements will be deadlocked, and the place they have already taken may be lost because of the uneasiness of their wings. Soldiers who attack the front will be wrapped in dumplings by others.
Lian Frost came in with Ruyan Qimu.
"You want to play with him? He is not familiar with these generals. "
"I’m not familiar with it. Don’t you see it? I’m not capable of governing the armed forces. I’m better at controlling the bureau or stealing the city through crooked ways. "
You Yan Qi Mu stand stand hand "not so, you see, things are still quite long-term, and it’s not bad."
LianJianJia shook his head. "I can say but I can’t do it."
"Uh-huh, are you going to try to connect with the frost?"
"Although I don’t know the details of these generals, this handsome man must have a judgment on who you need, not what kind of generals you have now. Generally, in a war, there is always a Lord, a lieutenant, and whether the styles of the Lord and the lieutenant are unified or complementary is what handsome needs to consider."
You Yan Qimu looked at Lian Jianju. Although she said that she was not suitable for being handsome, she did have a natural talent. There were also people like Lian Jianju who learned the talent only by reading thousands of books, and he only realized that he had the ability to control the three armed forces because he had read more about the art of war.
"Say even frost you are not always wandering in this river’s lake? Have you ever read the art of war? After all, this battlefield can be arranged at will, but the life of the soldiers can’t be played casually. "
Even Jia Jian nodded his head. "It’s true that we only know these generals, but if we can’t judge the battlefield form accurately, we can’t arrange it correctly."
"Just like the elder sister said just now, shouldn’t I directly talk about my thoughts now, and then ask the elder sister to judge whether I am suitable?" Lian Frost looked at them with great confidence. Although he had never seen these things in his life, everyone in his generation grew up in the art of war.
Lianjia came to the edge of the sand table. "We have taken this first city now, and the city we occupy now has two cities in its south and west respectively. Tell us one by one what you are going to arrange for someone to do specifically."
"Since Haitians are willing to act as scouts on their own initiative, it is natural that the first goal is also important for us and for them according to different exploration results. After the defeat in the first city, they will actually continue to send reinforcements until the defeat is decided. The flour tactic says that the local generals are cunning, but generally we can think of this tactic, which means that they are out of town and our ability to fight head-on is not enough."
Even the frost can be said to have a clear analysis, and you have a little interest in Qimu. "Chengqi countries have always liked to suppress the number of people because they are not capable enough to analyze it. It can also be said that you may be a good military like Jia Jian."
"Choosing a general is different from being a strategist. In the face of a cunning but empty opponent, you must choose a valiant soldier to cooperate with a very cautious lieutenant to provoke the enemy head-on, and you will inevitably think of ways to stop the onslaught. At this time, you need a discerning lieutenant to discover potential dangers in the future."
Even the frost looked at it and recorded the whole southeast sand table. "We are not short of roots now, and we can attack the city at the same time, and it is easier for the other side to get confused first. The pressure on both sides is similar."
"I heard that this southern city guard will be a famous old man who has retired from his hometown in the future, but he came out again after the break of the country. This is a veteran who is very good at arranging troops."
"Now, how to arrange troops, how to arrange troops, how to arrange arrows, how to rain, and how to shield are difficult for us to wear this armor. It is true that the old general is brave and good at fighting, but people who are old will definitely accept our call and let us wear armor to pose the same array as them. They will still lose and choose the most active teenager. They don’t need much experience. They need to learn to attack the city and attack the heart."
Lian Jian nodded his head and did have an idea. "What if your opponent is yourself?"
"I know my own shortcomings. If it were really me, it would be easy to solve them."
"oh? It is easy to solve people, but it is not easy to solve them. "
"If it’s a man who hasn’t realized what disadvantages he has … my biggest disadvantage is that underestimating his opponent is like paralyzing his opponent like dealing with an experienced general, so he can look like the least qualified general, even if he is a soldier, he will have to indulge his madness if he is killed!"
Even looking at him for a long time without talking, Ru Yan Qimu felt that it was not bad. "You’d better get to know those generals and give you the first command after taking these two cities, but this is the only chance to get to the city directly once, and I’ll let you be the coach."
Even the frost shook his head when he was away from the cold. "He doesn’t have this ability."
"no? It remains to be seen whether it can be done, but it is better than not having an idea. "
"He has some talents, but it’s far from enough. He seldom considered the advantages and disadvantages of this general when choosing a general. A fierce general likes the battlefield stormtrooper, and he doesn’t need to consider his other shortcomings. You can’t arrange him with a complementary lieutenant like that."