Bai yinting got up and slowly walked out of the ward to call chufei. it was a bit troublesome, but it was also possible.

"Boss, I’ll think of something about it, but is it meaningful?" Chu Fei asked
Does it make sense? Bai yinting wry smile may be to ask for a peace of mind, but if it backfires, then his heart is really messed up.
Chufei doesn’t want to be difficult for Bai Yinting. He has his own opinions and Bai Yinting’s decision is not easy to change.
After hanging up, Bai Yinting didn’t go back to the ward, and he suddenly wanted to smoke a cigarette.
I was really annoyed in my heart, but the smoke was only taken out of my pocket. Before I walked a few steps, Bai Yinting narrowed her eyes and Rui Danni came up to him angrily.
Wasn’t she sent abroad? How dare you come back
Bai yinting’s face turned cold at once, and ruidanni came to him. the momentum just disappeared and became delicate and touching.
"Three-dimensional court elder brother I somehow is your cousin? Even if you do something wrong, you won’t let our family die, will you? " Rui Danni cried with injustice.
"What did you do wrong?" Bai yinting remembered that she was still angry about Xia Zhu’s work.
"I was deceived by Yan Ningxuan because my mind was too simple. She gave me advice. Although I don’t like my sister-in-law, I didn’t want to hurt her." Rui Danni explained.
"Did you not think about hurting her or failed?" Bai yinting didn’t have any sympathy.
"Brother Yin Ting, if I’m wrong, just let my father go. If I have to, I’ll go to the head office, right?" Rui Danni seems to be very serious.
"Are you here to kill yourself?" Bai yinting saw through Rui danni’s routine
I remember when she was a child, she would do this trick, scaring her grandparents every time, and then she could escape all the wrong punishments, which would create her sex and fear today.
"I’m real this time," Rui Danni said, and took out a bottle from her bag and held it up for Bai Yinting to see.
Bai yinting can’t help but sneer at pesticides again and won’t even change a pattern.
"Is it coke or sprite?" Bai Yin court really don’t want to take a reason her face dim and ready to leave.
"I said it was true this time." Rui Danni never took it seriously and unscrewed the bottle cap.
Bai yinting walked past her and felt that she was struggling to twist the bottle cap. It seemed that the bottle had never been opened before and he smelled the pungent smell of pesticides.
This surprised him a little, and he grabbed the bottle, then twisted the cap several times and threw it into the trash can
"Rui Danni, did you choose to commit suicide in your hospital because you were afraid of rescuing from time to time?" Bai yinting thinks she is just scaring people.
"Shall I jump off a building?" Rui Danni continued to cry, "Are you satisfied with my death?"
"That’s not necessarily" Bai Yinting means that if you really want to die, you should think twice, because it is likely to cause death.
"But I’m relieved. Now my dad complains about me every day. I can’t go back to hiding like a street mouse. I’ve had enough of this day." Rui Danni is really in a state of collapse
"Come on, don’t act in front of me." Bai Yinting didn’t want to hear it.
"You will regret it!" Rui Danni said that she was trying to knock down Bai Yinting and ran over.
Bai yinting Wu wear was hit by her chest pain that didn’t notice that she ran into the Xia Zhu ward.
"Rui Danni, come out for me." Bai Yinting panicked at that time. He didn’t want Xia Zhu to know these things.
But when he ran in, he couldn’t come. Rui Danni had woken Xia Zhu, and she tried to pull Xia Zhu to cry. Xia Zhu seemed to be frightened.
"Rui Danni, have you had enough trouble?" Bai yinting past a pull ruidanni to get up.
"What I did to you before Xia Zhu was that I was sorry for you. If you have any complaints, you should come at me alone. Don’t torture my parents." Rui Danni shouted.
"What’s the matter?" Xia Zhushi doesn’t know what happened.
"You go out with me" Bai Yinting wants to pull Rui Danni out.
"I’m not going, Xia Zhu. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be targeting you for all this. It’s also your fault. Why should we be punished?" Ruidanni struggled. She was like a crazy patient at this moment.
Bai yinting tried to cover her mouth and didn’t want her to talk. Her words would stimulate Xia Zhu’s nerves and she had to keep calm.
Ruidanni’s hands were scratched and her hair was scattered, and even if she was covered with her mouth, she kept yelling.
Seeing her crazy state at this time, Xia Zhu is also anxious. She really wants to sit up but has no strength. Her forehead is cold sweat. She can call Bai Yinting’s name and hope that he will let go of Rui Danni.
Bai Yinting worried that Xia Zhu would open the unhealed wound if she moved like this, so she let go of Rui Danni and ran over. "Don’t move or listen to her nonsense. She is crazy."
"Yes, I am crazy. What am I crazy about?" Ruidanni stumbled and ran over, red-eyed and shouting, "You’re driving me crazy."
"No one forced you to come out on your own!" Bai yinting stared
"I’m your cousin, and my father is your uncle Bai Yinting. How can you bear it?" Ruidanni is really throwing caution to the wind
"What happened in the court?" Xia Zhu felt that his wound was particularly painful.
When she got up just now, it seemed that her wound was cracked, but Xia Zhu didn’t dare to bite her teeth and hold on.
"Nothing" Bai Yinting found that Xia Zhu’s face seemed even uglier, and soon found that there was blood seeping out from the patient where she was injured.
"Huang Yibo Yibo!" Bai yinting was livid. he didn’t want to see Xia Zhu enter the ICU ward again. he didn’t want to do it again because he was desperate to wait for this life.
Chapter 70 from ruin
Rui Danni didn’t expect it to end like this. She came to the hospital to solve the problem, but she apologized in a real way and kept saying soft words. Instead of solving it, things got worse.