A lot of people gathered at the door. Chester swordsmen took Surdak’s shoulder and muttered to the guards at the door for a while, then took out a card to be considered as bringing Surdak several people into the Ministry.

Surdak followed Chester’s swordsmen into the first floor of the military hall only to find that it was packed with people and more chaotic than the free market.
"I can’t help it. The recent situation around the country is a bit complicated …" The Chester swordsman said, "It’s not so chaotic here at ordinary times."
Surdak and his party followed Chester’s swordsmen through the chaotic hall on the first floor.
After boarding the second floor, there were a lot fewer people here, but there was a gate at a long distance in the corridor here. Groups of officers walked into these gates in groups of three and five, and when Surdak passed by, he looked inside and found that this was a conference hall.
Surdak asked Chester Swordsman.
"Do you know this Isenhard arsenal?"
Chester swordsmen and the pie mouth laughed
"Of course, it’s still fresh in my mind. This is the biggest gain when I first entered the battlefield with the Marquis of Lu Se. Every trace of this magic pattern was found by the Marquis of Lu Se. Later, he didn’t get this magic pattern, and he didn’t want to take it out of the collectors …"
Surdak thought of the earnest eyes of Marquis Lu Se last night in order to feel how heavy the grace of his father-in-law was.
"Can the battlefield really get such a strong magic pattern?" Surdak some asked curiously.
Chester swordsman free and easy a smile "what is there to doubt? Aren’t you all dressed up? Is not as easy as imagined, dangerous opportunities will never and … "
Surdak hurriedly said, "I also want to enter the battlefield and prepare …"
"Why? So anxious to see the demon in the tunnel connecting hell? " Chester swordsman slowly stopped and turned to ask him.
The buildings in the whole military department are solemn, and all the corridors and columns are very tall, even if the two-headed ogre walks in the corridor, it will feel very spacious.
Surdak squeezed out a smile and said
"I heard that it is also a place to temper yourself, and many strong people are there to seek self-breakthrough."
Chester swordsman laughed and disappeared with a serious face and asked, "Have you heard how many strong people can walk out of the battlefield alive?"
Surdak said guiltily, "Someone always needs to fight there …"
"That’s true."
Seeing that Surdak was still so persistent, Chester Swordsman took him by the shoulder and turned to a conference room, and then whispered, "Don’t think about these for the time being. We need to think about it if we can come back from the dry cloth plane alive …"
This conference hall is not very big. There is a huge round table made of dark blue indigo wood. There are some famous oil paintings hanging on the walls around it. There is a huge crystal chandelier in the ceiling, which makes the conference hall look bright. There is a magic crystal in the center of the round table.
There are already a lot of people sitting around the round table. Anyone who can sit around the round table almost wears a whole set of magic patterns and has a strong breath, saying that they are almost all strong.
These people are also divided into several combat teams. A swordman who looks very strong is sitting in a chair near the door with two two-handed swords behind him. He sees Chester swordman coming in with Surdak from the outside and pointing to Surdak and asking.
"Chester, this is …?"
"Lord Surdak is currently an independent cavalry battalion of Lu Se Legion," Chester swordsmen said to Surdak. "This is quintus swordsmen who belong to Colin Legion …"
"So you are the knight with the holy light. I have heard your name. Your Maca plane is very good. If the Marquis of Lu Se is not so fast, you might still have a chance to come to the Colin Legion!" The tall quintus swordsmen held out their hand enthusiastically.
Surdak didn’t expect to sit in this conference room and just pop out. All of them are great swordsmen.
Hurriedly modest said a few words and honestly with Chester swordsmen sitting behind the corner.
Chester swordsmen and quintus swordsmen seem to know each other very well. They chatted together and some familiar people joined in.
"Chester heard that you went to the Bering garrison to take over the Langdon legion?"
Chester swordsmen also said in detail, "Bailin is not bad there. The northern occupied area is not as bad as it is. But quintus, you heard that you went to Luobi. What’s the situation there?"
Quintus swordsmen also casually said, "Not bad. Thanks to the lucky goddess for letting me drink before the Nakma people …"
"Do you know us this time?" Someone asked again
The speaker’s consciousness will be low. "I heard that it is to dry the cloth plane …"
At this time, the door of the conference hall was suddenly pushed through the gate and three senior officers came in. The head of the three senior officers was a gray-haired aristocratic old man. From the badge worn by his army, it can be seen that this is also a marquis and a commander-in-chief badge.
The Marquis of Lu Se was also with the noble old man. His eyes passed over Chester swordsmen and Surdak and he nodded.
After three senior officers entered the conference hall, everyone immediately got up from their chairs.
The aristocratic old man went to the room with a good eye and glanced around before he nodded slightly and said, "It’s good to see so many old faces and many new faces here. Sit down!"
Hula, everyone is sitting around the round table, and the door of the conference room is closed.
The noble old man said in a loud voice, "I don’t want to talk nonsense. This time, I called three elite soldiers of the Legion, all of whom are corps commander. I called you here to organize an assault team!"
"You will sneak into the dry cloth plane through the temporary delivery door today …"
Chapter 936 Assault squad
The conference hall became very quiet, and everyone listened carefully to the arrangement of the noble elders.
Behind the great swordsmen in Surdakchester, there was a chair on the wall. The noble old man looked full of aura. The Marquis of Lu Se and a noble with two dark beards on his lips sat on his left and right sides.
Chester swordsmen leaned back and Surdak saw that he seemed to have something to say, so he leaned over immediately.
Chester bass said to Surdak, "The one sitting in the chair is Marquis Jonson. He is not only the head of the Jonson Legion, but also the commander-in-chief of the Tara Pagan Theater in Bena City. The other one is Marquis Norton …"
After listening to Chester’s introduction, one of the three people was the Marquis of Norton, and Surdak immediately thought that when Warsaw met the handsome young Baron Cole Norton, Hathaway and Darcy Christie had a lover at Bena Senior Swordsman College.