So he took out a copper coin from his skin, clenched his hand secretly, and jumped to the summit to see a young man dressed in white in moonlight in Jiao Ran, several feet away from him.

Not surprisingly, I looked at him coldly and asked, "Who are you?"
The monk said, "It doesn’t matter who the Buddha is. If you give me the sword you are carrying, the Buddha will spare your life."
He looked at Li Zhichang’s shoulder with a hilt and greedy eyes.
"What a reckless thing!" Li Zhichang said softly. He already knew that the monk was just chasing Chang Jian Jian Xian, but he didn’t expect the monk’s greed to be so fierce.
I don’t know what to rely on if Hugh dares to die in front of him at this point.
This monk, Jiang Yang, was born a outlaw, and he never blinks when he kills people and steals goods.
Moreover, he practiced sword-fairy means with dharma practice, and recognized that Li Zhichang didn’t practice Chang Jian into an incarnation outside the body, and his natural practice was limited. He needed to leave Chang Jian, and Li Zhichang didn’t just play with him.
The monk laughed and laughed, and you’ll know that Grandpa is amazing.
Say red blood sword into yellow sword light disease such as head-on toward Li Zhichang.
Li Zhichang’s face shows disdain and gently waves a blue sword, which immediately flies out to resist the yellow light.
This is exactly what he cultivated at Taiyi point. The shape and qi sword embodies the big dipper, which can hurt the Yuan God and can naturally resist the flying sword.
On this moonlit night, the sword and the awn are as beautiful as two horses practicing half-circling and dancing.
The monk can’t help but be surprised and angry because the other side’s green mountain is really badly tightened. He is connected with the red blood sword and feels that the blood ShaQi on the red blood sword face is constantly being destroyed by the green mountain, and its power is getting weaker and weaker.
He never imagined that there was a flying sword in Li Zhichang. Of course, he never thought that the flying sword was just a sword, not a real thing.
Can’t consider a lot of throwing copper coins at the green mountain. There are flying wings on the left and right sides of the round square hole of copper coins
The streamer generally hits the authentic green mountain and then falls, which means that the green mountain has not changed at all.
How can a monk be frightened to disgrace without effect?
This copper coin is a powerful avatar who imitates an ancient spiritual treasure to create a magic weapon, but it can be used once, and it can’t be used if it is a magic weapon for the life of a master of Yuan God.
Even so, there are not many such instruments, and one can be effective after three times.
Therefore, although this copper coin is valuable, it is not extremely important. Of course, giving it to the monk is also a heavy treasure.
But if the monk can think that Li Zhichang is not only a master of pure Yang Yuan God, but also a sword against him just now. The root is not a magic weapon, so this copper coin is also very bad
Before he could think of it, these blue sword mans had broken through the yellow sword light ling and came to wear the chest at him, giving him a good time.
Chapter sixty-four Lohan golden body
The branch of Mount Wutai’s Zhongnan Mountain has always been called’ the beautiful place in the south’.
There are five peaks of coolness, manjusri, sacrifice, spiritual response and Guanyin in the mountains. There are more than 40 large and small temples in Daxing, Buddhism. Because it is located in Wutai Mountain (also known as Yaowang Mountain) in Yaoxian County in the north, it is named Nanwutai Mountain in the south. The mountains are steep and beautiful, and the mountains are heavy and the waters are beautiful for thousands of miles. It is a good place to practice.
Nanwutai is a place where Buddhists call it "Taiyi Mountain", which was called "Taiyi Mountain" when Buddhists didn’t enter Middle-earth, and it was the place where Qing Di became a Taoist.
The Manjusri Peak is the largest temple in the original Manjusri Bodhisattva. The abbot in the’ Guangfa Temple’ is the method of proving the’ Lohan Golden Body’ and’ Monk King’.
Monk king method is that the elders of Jinshan Temple lost to brother Fahai in the process of competing for the hosting of Jinshan Temple, so they broke the door and started a new stove.
This period of time also proves that Lohan’s golden body is powerful.
Because others are extreme and bent on becoming a Buddha above all sentient beings, all the large and small temples near Wutai Mountain will be counted as ministers, and at the same time, the practitioners will expel the door and turn this place into a Buddhist force, which is also called the’ monk king’ because of his overbearing behavior.
Dragon and Tiger Mountain once fought several times with the Shushan Sword Sect, because it was expected that they had made an appointment with helpers. Both sides won and lost their swords, but they didn’t hurt each other’s roots. In the end, they couldn’t help it, which laid the top position of the fairy.
Brother Fahai, who became a Taoist figure thousands of years ago, is recognized by the abbot of the six’ Jinshan Temple’ in Buddhism as the first person in Buddhism today, who is unfathomable, claiming that humanity has been the highest talent in Buddhism since ancient times, except for the Great Sage, the Great Sage, the Bodhisattva, and it is very likely that humanity will prove that the Tathagata’s Golden Body has not been completed because of a cause and effect.